6 Ways To Learn Spanish Online Fast

Key Numero Seis to Learn to speak Spanish Online:

“Become an Imitator”

Some Spanish courses do not put much emphasis on pronunciation. I think that is a big mistake. If you really want to be understood, you must try to mimic native speakers. Have you every experienced someone that asked you for directions or some other question and you were unable to assist the person because you didn’t speak her language. And then you suddenly realized that the person was actually speaking English but her accent was so thick that you thought the person was speaking another language.

The same thing happens to Spanish ears. If you do not develop good pronunciation, you will not be understand.
If you say the word “dad” in Spanish and you do not stress the appropriate syllable, a native Spanish speaker may think that you are talking about “french fries.” To English ears the difference may be very subtle. But to the Latin American its the difference between “dad” and “potatoes”. So focus on mimicking native Spanish speakers.