6 Ways To Learn Spanish Online Fast

Key Numero Cuatro to Learn to Speak Spanish Online: “Master the Fundamentals”

Many people spend their time learning a bunch of Spanish vocabulary that they could go a life time and never use. That’s because the words are hardly used in normal everyday conversation. If you want to learn to speak Spanish online without Wasting anytime, I advise you to master the fundamentals. When I say the “fundamentals” I am referring to the basic vocabulary and basic grammar.

I know adults that have studied Spanish for a few years and they know thousands of words in Spanish. Although they may be proficient in Spanish, I would not consider them fluent. On the other hand, a three or four year old native Spanish-speaking child can speak Spanish fluently. It is not because the child knows thousand of words in Spanish. The child may only know about a thousand words or less in Spanish. But the child has mastered the fundamentals.
Mastery of the fundamentals is what separates the proficient from the fluent.

If you really want to learn to speak Spanish online make it a priority to master the fundamentals.