Advice For Female Travelers That Will Make Them Safe

4. Be Social Safely.

Do not drink to excess or take drugs that might make you more vulnerable or impair your decision making. Try to not share too many details of your travel plans and don’t tell people you meet if you’re travelling alone. Be aware of what you’re posting on social media – you might like to increase your privacy settings while you’re travelling. When you’re out walking, keep your bag close and hold it on the opposite side of your body to the street to avoid bag snatchers in cars or on motorcycles. Be aware of cultural standards. For example, in some cultures, women shaking hands with men is unacceptable, and simple things like making eye contact with a man or sitting in the front seat of a taxi can be misinterpreted as a sexual advance. If you are visiting new friends, make sure you have independent control over your travel options.

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