10 tips for selecting the perfect Costa Rica vacation rental

3. List the activities that you require to be able to enjoy while on holiday.
A morning activity like scuba diving, snorkeling or canopy tour then coming back to the villa to relax may be a high priority for you. You also require to consider how close the holiday rental is to the airport. it is important to know how far the rental is from your arrival airport. Some rentals can take a half a day’s drive & after your flight even an hour’s drive can seem an eternity. Your travel time back to the airport at departure can also frustrate your entire holiday. Enjoying your last morning of your holiday by a private pool instead of travelling for hours to the airport can be important to you. For Costa Rica holiday rentals that are only 20 minutes from the Liberia International airport visit http://www.costarica-vacation-getaway.com. This will help you in selecting a general location.

On your secondary list, you might have things like a hammock for lazing about, or pool waterfall for the relaxing sounds. Exterior stereo speakers, to enjoy your favorite music around the pool. Ice makers to mix your favorite drinks, in the heat of the day.

Some people feel that a great holiday is being able to walk or bicycle everywhere. Others don’t mind a short drive, & still others think nothing of getting on a freeway to enjoy attractions.

You also require to consider how close you require your holiday rental to be to the attractions.

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