4 Amazing Day Trip Ideas

#1 Head To The Lake/Beach

Pretty broad but still a good plan. Chances are you live within a couple of hours of a lake, river or ocean. When the weather is nicer, pack some chairs, good food, and head to a body of water. You can sit on the shore and just relax enjoying the way water moves. Bring along Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music or catch up on podcasts.

#2 Mountain Retreat

The mountains are a great way to get back to nature. In the winter, look at your local newspaper for winter sports deals on skiing and snowboarding. Most ski hills offer lessons if you’re totally new to the sport. Renting equipment is a cheap alternative to buying!

In the summer, check out the latest hiking trails! Be sure to check with your parks and recreation department to see about safety and recommended equipment.

#3 Staycation (Hotel)

Maybe not technically a day trip, but it can be done in 24 hours. Do some research on cool or luxury local hotels. Scout for deals they offer. Then take one night away. It’s nice to not have to clean up after yourself and get a change of setting. Plus, we all know room service is the greatest gift God ever gave us.

#4 Adventure Parks

This is also a broad category! Head out to a theme park! There are lots of smaller theme parks everywhere. Try a google search for your state or area. If your local theme park is closed for winter, look into indoor options. This includes indoor rock climbing, trampoline parks, indoor water parks. These places often offer specials, so be on the lookout!