4 Amazing Destinations In Naples

National Archeological Museum

An absolute must for those who love to know more about the arts and cultures of the Romans and Greeks, the National Archeological Museum is one of the Naples, Italy travel sights worth all your efforts and time. This sight holds the greatest collections of the Roman and Greek antiquities, some are developed by Pompeii. A few of the worth-noting masterpieces included in the collection of National Archeological Museum are the sculpture of Hercules Farnese, statue of Nerva, a figure of Aphrodite crafted by Paxiteles, some colored mosaics, and works from Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Duomo Cathedral

Founded around 1200s, the Duomo Cathedral is but another notable sight to see in Naples, Italy. Duomo boasts a 110 ancient column that was saved from pagan buildings of the yesteryears. At this century-old building, you’ll also be awed by the beauty of Santa Restituta, which was considered part of the Cathedral. Aside from that, Duomo gives you access to its archeological zone, which features an order of paleochristian rooms that were built back into the Roman era. There is more you can see at this Naples, Italy travel sight that includes the Cappella di San Gennaro and Museo del tesoro di San Gennaro.


One of the natural Naples, Italy travel sights to see, the Vesuvius is actually a notable volcano that is considered as inseparable from the Bay of Naples. According to several claims, this volcano was so powerful that it destroyed some of the areas in the city, which are now transformed into one of the worth visiting Naples, Italy travel sights. The ruins are so vivid that you could imagine how powerful the volcano was.

Castel dell’Ovo

Hanging over a place known as Porto Santa Lucia, the Castel dell’Ovo is one of the magnificent Naples, Italy travel sights built in the 12th century. It was established over the ruins of the ancient Romna villas that offer a good view of the entire Naples harbor. For many, this spot is one the most peaceful Naples, Italy travel sights to visit for a wonderful afternoon stroll.