5 Amazing Destinations To Add To Your Travel List

1) Norwegian Fjords

One of the great wonders of the world, the tall peaks of Norway plunge down into watery canals that are one of the trademarks of Norway. There is no other scenery like it on earth, and combined with the Old World rustic appeal of the country there is no better vacation destination. Tourists can explore the region themselves and plan their own trip, which can include every single activity you could imagine, from fishing to hiking, sailing to sight-seeing. You could also take advantage of one of the many travel agencies both local and international who offer planned trips to this region, which includes cruise options as well as land based opportunities.

2) Cape Breton Island, Canada

Cape Breton Island is in Eastern Canada, just off the coast of Nova Scotia. The island offers a unique blend of Gaelic, French, and English cultures. The area is famous for its folk music and cheap, fresh seafood as well as turn of the century style and beautiful scenery. Explore the Island yourself or go through an established travel agency!

3) South Island, New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand offers highly diversified opportunities for the traditional and eco-tourist alike. The Island encompasses a wide range of ecosystems, from ocean to mountains and everything in between. The landscape offers incredible diversity in vacation opportunities, including kayaking, surfing, caving, and other recreational activities. The Island is separated form the rest of New Zealand by the spectacular Southern Alps, and the isolation has allowed the culture to evolve in relative isolation, bringing a unique blend into the modern day with the right touch of polite hospitality.

4) Torres del Paine, Chile

Another unique blend of mountain and coast, the Torres Del Paine offers a huge amount of diversity to the traveler. The area includes several National Parks, and tourists can have once-in-a-lifetime experiences in watching the yearly migration of the humpback whale in the oceans bordering the area. The are is devoted to tourism, and there are several nationally developed services that specialize in accommodating foreigners with maximum convenience and comfort.

5) Tasmania, Australia

Another island vacation, the remote province of Tasmania offers a incredibly and unique vacation experience, which is really saying something when you consider it is a part of one of the most uniquely biodiverse countries in the world. Tasmania offers every type of tourist attraction possible, and its ecological niche is even more specialized than the Australian mainland. If you are on an extended travel vacation, the province is only a short ferry ride away from the rest of the country.