5 Reasons To Consider A Cruise

#1 A Cruise Vacation Doesn’t Have To Bust Your Budget

If you’re on a tight travel budget, there are plenty of ways to stretch your dollars further on a cruise vacation. The predictable, all-inclusive rate of typical cruise itineraries covers the cost of lodging, along with three meals a day, plenty of entertainment and other amenities like supervised kids’ clubs.

#2 There Are More Amenities Than Ever

If you don’t like the idea of cruising on an old, outdated ship, there are plenty of new cruise ships that debuted in 2018. These ships offer new tech-savvy features, updated floor plans and better pools, spas and amenities – often for less than you think.

#3 You Won’t Agonize Over the Logistics

Planning a vacation can be stressful and time-consuming. After all, you have to select a hotel or resort, choose activities and set up transportation, pricing out each individual component as you go. Cruising, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to sweat the details and logistics of your trip.

#4 Visit Numerous Places Without A Passport

If you want to explore multiple destinations, a cruise can offer a great way to see a variety of destinations for a low price. On a variety of Caribbean cruises departing from the U.S., you can often see four or five different islands and soak in unique cultures and landscapes.

#5 You Can Explore Exciting Destinations Around The World

Today’s cruise lines offer itineraries to far-off destinations around the world that allow you to immerse yourself in vibrant cultures and places and focus on enrichment. In the Mediterranean, for example, you can stop in world-renowned cities such as Barcelona and Rome without having to worry about the logistics of getting from point A to B.