5 Ways To Save On Travel This Summer

As Summer approaches we know that traveling is going to be on the brain. Let’s take a look at the 5 best ways to save on travel this Summer.

#1 Group Rental

When you’re looking to travel as a family, why not have it be an extended family event? By traveling in a group you can get huge savings on accommodations. For example, with AirBNB you can rent one vacation home that can accommodate everyone and slash the price you would have to pay if you booked a hotel. By splitting the costs you’ll experience great savings.

#2 Check Your Miles

Many of us do not realize that by using credit cards or other points based services that you can get discounts and sometimes even free travel or hotel stay. Check your points with the various airlines or hotels and see if you qualify for a discount or free travel.

#3 Groupon Deals

Every day Groupon releases travel deals that are perfect for Summer travel. If you’re flexible with your travel dates you’ll notice that you can save big! Take a look at Groupon’s travel deals section and find the offer that is right for you.

#4 All Inclusive Resort

Throughout the Summer many resorts are offering all inclusive deals. That means your meals and accommodations and even many activities are included as part of your purchase price. A simple search for all-inclusive resorts in the area you’re looking to visit will display lots of opportunities for discounted travel.

#5 Fly On Tuesdays

Do you know that it’s been proven that flying on Tuesday gives you the best pricing? Try searching for Tuesday travel only and compare it to other days and you’ll notice that your price will be discounted.