5 Ways To See Yucatan’s Wildlife

Central American Spider Monkey

Some of the best sites to spot groups of playful spider monkey are the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and Coba. Each of these popular sites is visited by numerous tours from Cancun and highly recommended by tourists and travel experts alike.

Jaguar and Puma

There are five species of large felines native to the Yucatan. Though these cats can sometimes be difficult to find, plenty of tourists have photographed these beautiful animals throughout the local nature preserves.

Coatimundi and Kinkajou

As two of the region’s most unique small mammals, a chance encounter with one of these oddly-named creatures is always a treat. Of all the mammals native to the Yucatan, nearly 25% of the species spend their lives underwater. The warm, peaceful waters off the coast of Cancun have long had the ability to attract scores of whales and dolphins unlike anywhere else in the world.


In the waters surrounding the Cancun area, at least 19 different species of whale can spotted throughout the year. While there are some aquariums and aquatic preserves that house whales, the best way to see these great open-water creatures is aboard a Caribbean tour or charter boat.


Favorites of children and adults alike, 11 different species of dolphin inhabit the Yucatan waters, including the playful Bottlenose Dolphin.