6 Annoying Things Flight Attendants Hate

1. Being Rude Over Things Outside Of Their Control

Flight delays, running out of your favorite beverage, not having your meal preference can be frustrating and disappointing but chances are the cabin crew has no control over these and may not know anymore than what you know, as airline operations is out of their control. Remember they want you to have an enjoyable flight and regret that these issues arose.

2. Blocking The Path Of The Meal Cart

Most people seem to choose the time when the meal cart is being wheeled through the aisle as the ideal time to use the bathroom. Creating an annoying and sometimes very awkward situation. This results in a delay for the crew.

3. Hitting On Them

The job of the flight attendant is to be nice to everyone, and treat each person as being special, so therefore don’t take it too seriously and don’t be a creep either.

4. Moving Around When The Seat Belt Sign Is On

There are safety precautions in place for a reason. If you think it maybe an issue, go to the bathroom before the flight or wait the additional 10 minutes to visit the restrooms. The seat belt sign is there to prevent persons from serious bodily harm.

5. Loitering In The Galley

The galley is where the preparation work for your meals and drinks is done, it is also used for storage. The galley is the work station of the flight attendant and not a place for you to be hanging out during the flight to stretch your legs, this is an annoyance and inconvenience to the crew.

6. Speaking To Them With Your Headphones On

Refusing to take your headphones out is rude regardless of where you are. Try removing them for one minute when a flight attendant is speaking to you, this ensures that they know they have you full attention. It will also prevent you from shouting too loud if you have to respond.