7 Strategic Places To View The Northern Lights

Among nature’s most shocking presentations, the aurora borealis or Northern Lights can be seen from areas closest the North Pole, most normally amid winter. Here are the absolute best spots to get the light show.

1. Kakslauttanen, Finland

Kaklsauttenen is one of a handful of resorts catering to Northern Lights tourists. Their igloo rooms offer in-bed viewing of the spectacular lights overhead, or you can cozy up just outside your igloo and view this amazing display of nature.

2. Frederick Sound, Southeast Alaska

The Northern Lights are visible from almost anywhere in Alaska north of Fairbanks. The University of Alaska even offers a Northern Lights forecast so you can plan your trip. This is a very accurate forecast so you can plan rest assured that you won’t miss a thing.

3. Abisko, Swedish Lapland

Some consider Sweden’s Abisko National Park the premier locale for viewing the Northern Lights. The area’s unique microclimate, which generates little precipitation, practically ensures clear skies.

4. Tromsoe, Norway

For Northern Lights with a little nightlife, show up in Tromsoe for the Northern Lights Festival, a celebration that features music, dance and more, for eleven days in late January and early February.

5. Aberdeen, Scotland

Though the Northern Lights (or Merry Dancers as locals call them), can be spotted in much of the U.K., Aberdeen is probably the best British viewing locale.

6. Iceland

Iceland’s become a popular tourist destination in recent years, with plenty of activities, including aurora viewing. But if your sole purpose for heading to Iceland is the natural light show, be sure to leave a few buffer days; Iceland is notorious for overcast skies.

7. Northern Hudson Bay, Canada

You can get your Northern Lights and ogle polar bears on a single trip to Churchill, Manitoba, where the lights are visible 300 nights a year, and the polar bears are plentiful.