12 Awe Inspiring Destinations to Include in Your Bucket List

1. Paris, France

There is good reason why The City of Light is one of the most sought-after destination of tourists around the globe. With its picturesque architecture and landmarks, divine cuisine, not to mention beautiful and fashionable people, the city presents an unforgettable ambience that makes anyone wish they were born there.

The city itself looks like a work of art. Centuries-old churches and Rococo-, Neoclassic- inspired architecture pepper the cobbled walks. At night, the River Seine which runs under the city comes alive under the streetlamps illuminating the streets. Paris is best known for the Eiffel Tower but the city also houses some of the best museums around the world such as The Louvre and Musée d’ Orsay.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Cheerful, colorful, and rich. These three words explain the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region of Spain. The city is a hodgepodge of many things, from the authentically historic to the wildly bizarre. If you are someone who loves the high-energy of a foreign city, then Barcelona can just be the travel destination of your life.

The city is teeming with so much activities and wonderful places that you might just need a whole week to explore it! Get yourself lost in the beauty of the narrow alleys of Barri Gòtic with its architecture reminiscent of the medieval era or spend the day roaming the narrow and restaurant packed streets of the Las Ramblas. Cap off your vacation by checking out the eclectic shopping scene of the city.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This popular Brazilian metropolis truly deserves its title Cidade Maravilhosa or Marvelous City. With its white sand beaches, beautiful green mountains, and lush rainforests, the city can be considered a haven for any nature lover.

Get a tan at the sunny shores of Ipanema and Copacabana or climb the slopes of the Corcovado Mountain to get the best scenic angle of the 125-foot tall Christ the Redeemer. Once you’re tired of your nature-hopping, walk the streets of Lapa to experience Brazil’s signature Samba or stroll Copa’s Avenida Atlantica for a nightcap.

4. New York, United States

Who doesn’t want to go to New York? All of us, at least once in our lives, have surely imagined ourselves walking down the bustling, cosmopolitan streets of the city and probably catching a show in Broadway. For all its splendor, the Big Apple mixes its appeal with small-town charm.

Gaze at the Empire State Building or take a quick stroll over at Times Square like a true New Yorker. If you are up for some shopping, you can choose from Brooklyn’s indie boutiques or check out the sleek shops of Fifth Avenue. And do try the coffee while people-watching. Who knows, observing the city’s busy bees may just be the inspiration you need to come back refreshed and pumped for work.

5. Zurich, Switzerland

At first Zurich may not seem like a very exciting destination for its reputation of being the center of old-school international banking. However, the city definitely goes beyond its financial prowess with its breathtaking scenery and historical places.

Zurich is set on banks of a lake and a river with the snow-capped Swiss Alps serving as its backdrop. The city has seen the making of history in literature and art, with the place serving as James Joyce’s home while writing “Ulysses” and the location of Cabaret Voltaire that Dadaists used as their meeting place. Moreover, you must definitely try the city’s chocolate and grilled sausages while doing a tourist hopping of its medieval architecture, beautiful vistas, and of course, Lake Zurich.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

The second most-visited city in United Kingdom is where history and beautiful sceneries collide. If your impression of the place is merely limited to bagpipes and kilts, then you will definitely be in for a surprise with the place’s roster of beautiful landmarks.

Check out the Edinburgh Castle or try the attractions in the Royal Mile. Live like the locals by adventuring in the outer-lying shops, parks, and neighborhood pubs or have a retail therapy at New Town. Are you in love with theater? Drop by this haven in August for the Edinburgh Festival where a lot of theater aficionados gather.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

Once a hidden gem, this city now attracts tourists all over the world for its charm and history. If you are fascinated by world events, then this capital will definitely amaze you for its resilient and dark history. The city’s reputation for withstanding numerous invasions, overthrows, and tragedies is what gives its now legendary streets, bridges, and castles a more appealing charm for travelers.

Drop by the Charles Bridge and the historic Prague Castle. The budget-friendly accommodations and rooms fringing the city are just the cherry on top of this tourist destination.

8. Maui, Hawaii

This quaint island is considered as one of the most popular tourism spots of the archipelago. Rich with breathtaking beaches and home to relaxing music, the place is definitely a must-visit for those looking for the perfect place to unwind.

Lounge under the sun of the famous Wailea Beach and visit the Old Lahaina Luau of Kaanipali Beach to experience its signature music. If you’re up for some sight-seeing, you can explore Haleakala and feel like a daredevil gazing at the world’s largest dormant volcano.

9. Bora Bora, Polynesia

James Michener called this small island “the most beautiful island in the world” in his book Tales of the South Pacific. Known for its clear blue waters framed by lush jungles and dormant volcanoes, this place definitely looks straight out of a perfect tourism advertisement.

Bora Bora is the perfect destination for beach junkies and nature lovers alike. Its main industry revolves around its motus or small surrounding islands. Snorkel and explore its beautiful waters and try hiking Mount Otemanu. Finish the day exploring its quaint town Vaitape and mingle with the friendly locals.

10. Cape town, South Africa

Though it was the World Cup that has really catapulted Cape Town to fame, the Mother City has long been a favored by tourists for its jaw-dropping natural landscapes. It has everything a starry-eyed traveler might want, from its khaki-colored beaches, ring of mountains, and rich city-living.

Feel amazed by the glittering metropolis of the city set against the beautiful backdrop of some of the world’s most beautiful natural formations. Go check the spectacular Table Mountain or lounge on one of its beaches. You can also immerse yourself in its rich nightlife and enjoy the city’s preferred genre of music—Jazz.

11. Crete, Greece

If you are the type of tourist who wants to experience a multitude of things in one go, then the rich diversity that the island of Crete offers will definitely satiate your wanderlust. Here you can enjoy sandy beaches set against steep mountains, lush palm forests in the middle of sprawling plains, and modern cities set against beautiful ancient ruins.

Take a stroll at its streets featuring a combination of architecture inspired by the styles of the Venetians, Ottomans, Minoans, and contemporary Greeks. Check out the Knossos and be impressed by Minoan palace complexes or tour the old towns of Rethymno and Hania. Feeling a bit adventurous? Get your adrenaline rush by hiking at the canyons of Samarian Gorge.

12. London

London is both invigorating and relaxing for its avant-garde meet high society charm. The city is where the antiquated mesh with the contemporary with its historic landmarks punctuated by modern must-see spots.
Go to the legendary Tower of London after a visit at the unconventional Tate Modern.

If you’re feeling romantic, you can spend an hour or two in one of the neighborhood theaters listening to actors utter Shakespeare’s sonnets. And don’t forget the tea. No sane man visiting London should ever forget the tea.