6 Top All Inclusive Vacations In The Caribbean

The Caribbean offers an impressive history spanning back many years, with a rich culture filled with exotic cuisines and plenty of diversity in cocktails. Many couples and newlyweds choose the all-inclusive Caribbean vacation resorts as their first choice for a honeymoon, wedding ceremony or a romantic getaway. Some of the more famous beaches offer romantic scenery and picturesque views, making it the top choice for a lover’s getaway.

Below are six of the most romantic Caribbean resorts, taking into consideration the stunning views, entertainment and popularity:


The Bahamas is a very famous island in the Caribbean. It is known as the island of good-times, but it also offers the island of good times to couples looking for a memorable experience with each other. All visitors feel like returning having experience the relaxed and friendly nature of the locals, cozy private beaches and a variety of sporting activities.


This is famous for hosting the sailing contest every year, Sailing Week, which is a prestigious event set on the water. Visitors will be more surprised by the quiet and un-crowded beaches, making you feel like you are the only one on the island filled with quality high classed facilities.

Hermitage Bay

This is one of those luxury resorts that is everything that the Caribbean is said to be. The combination of English style and tropical ambiance makes this retreat one of the most sought after places to vacation in the entire area. There are secluded cottage suites nestled among some private plunge pools and beautiful views of the beaches.

St Lucia

Over 19,000 acres of it is covered with rainforest making it truly tropical in its appearance as its national birds add to the colorful appeal. For couples looking to have more than just a relaxing beach to lie on, they can also enjoy regular tours of the rainforest with exceptional views of birds. Also, there is a range of restaurant entertainment and luxury boutique hotels to keep you more occupied.

Turtle beach in St Croix.

This is said to be among the best beaches in the Caribbean with powdered white sand to tickle your feet and milky yet deep blue sea that is naturally warm by the blazing sun. St Croix is a member of the US Virgin Islands and has the liveliest nightlife as well as being relatively quiet.


Most of the hotels in Aruba are all stocked up and installed with the high-speed broadband internet – but one would need to be mad to stay in all day in their room surfing the net and missing out on the glorious pristine white beaches and fun-filled vibrant nightlife. Not to mention the delightful and numerous selections of excellent restaurants to keep you happy, this provides a bit of fun and entertaining romantic spot for constant interaction.