7 Road Trips You Should Take If You’re On A Budget

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a great destination for honeymooners or lovers who want a romantic getaway. It is the oldest state park in the United States and was established in 1885 as the Niagara Reservation. There are 3,160 tonnes of water that flow over the falls every second and falls at 32 feet per second. The Niagara River that feeds the Falls has four of the five Great Lakes that drain into it, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

There is plenty to do in Vegas besides gambling, there is plenty to see and do. This is not one to keep off of your road trip. There are a ton of shows and events that are happening at the hotels and the hotels themselves are worth going by. The Bellagio Fountains show is also very fascinating and entertaining. There is also a Mystery Adventure tour that allows you to team up and solve a mystery.

3. New York City

There is so much to do in New York, I mean, after all it is the city that never sleeps. There are plenty of Broadway shows to see if you like going to the theater. You can take a walk in central park, or go to Time Square, or Ground Zero. There are of course wonderful museum exhibits that are sure to please people of all ages. If you do decide to go to some shows or museums, check ahead for tickets and hours of operation.

4. Disney World in Orlando, Florida

This is also a great destination for people of all ages. I think that one is pretty much self explanatory, but just in case, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t leave this spot out of your road trip. With all sorts of shows, roller coasters, and attractions. The park offers different park hopper passes that allow you to go to not only Disney, but also Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom.

5. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has been called awe-inspiring and breathtaking, but it is really something you need to see for yourself. If you want you can simply skirt around the rim of the canyon, or you can hike your way through it. There are also some tours for rafting. All three ways give you completely different views and ways to experience the canyon. If you know in advance before starting your road trip, you could even plan on riding a mule through the canyon.

6. Delhi – Leh

This is a classic road trip that sees you covering over 900 km in 3 days. This road trip takes you through a famous attraction in most North India tour packages. The rivers Beas and Chandra flowing alongside provide wonderful scenery.

7. Delhi – Jaipur

This is quite a short trip that you can complete in a matter of hours. It is included in most holiday packages in India as it is part of the Golden triangle tour in North India. Travel south from Delhi to witness the glory of the Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.