The 10 Best Cruise Lines To The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is one of the most diverse and beautiful regions on the planet and a cruise to this part of the world is an epic journey! If you’re looking for a cruise to the Mediterranean, there are plenty to choose from. In order to help you with your decision, we have created this list of the 10 best cruise lines in the region. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive cruise or one that focuses on solo travelers, these cruises offer a variety of accommodations and activities!

The Mediterranean is a location with plenty of powerful and prestigious cities, as well as beautiful coastlines and mountains. For enthusiasts who prefer leisurely cruises, the Mediterranean is a beautiful place to explore all the time. If you’ve decided to take your next cruise in this ever-popular region of the world, it’s important to know what types of ships you’ll be on and where you’ll sail from.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises is an elite cruise line that offers a range of luxury cruises to the Mediterranean. Its ships are modern, with a contemporary design that incorporates different textures and materials. The Viking Sea has two pools, one for adults and one for families with children. They also have specialty restaurants onboard, including a sushi restaurant that’s open for lunch and dinner.

Viking Ocean Cruises offers fantastic itineraries to the Mediterranean. Its line is called Vikings of the Sea, and it offers itineraries to destinations like the Canary Islands and Madeira. It also has a range of cruises for all levels of interest, from Seven Seas Cruises for adults only, along with many other options.

Viking Ocean Cruises cruises offer all-inclusive trips and allow guests to experience some of the best destinations in the world. Each destination has different shore excursions, including stays at castles and museums. One thing that sets Viking Ocean Cruises apart from other companies is its dedication to environmentally friendly policies. They have a zero-waste policy and recycle almost everything on board from food scraps to bottles on the ship’s bar.

Seaborne Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruise Line is known for its luxurious amenities, such as its tropical-inspired pools and gardens. They offer guests a complimentary brunch every morning. Seabourn also has access to the best spas in Europe. The Mediterranean Cruise Line offers spa treatments, a personal shopper, and concierge services.

Though they travel to some of the most beautiful destinations, Seabourn has only been going since 1962, so their experience is still relatively new. The company offers a wide range of experiences in how they package their cruises, which makes it nice for those wanting more flexibility than not having to make any changes at all.

With their variety of ships, there is sure to be a Seabourn for everyone’s taste. You can choose from 7-day roundtrip cruises in Italy, 10-day Med cruising, or 7-night Mediterranean cruise. With ports like Italy, Greece, France, and Croatia, Seabourn Cruise Line offers one of the most unique cruises to Europe. They have multiple ships including SeaBrid (a small ship), SeaDream I & II (larger luxury cruise lines), and Sea Princess (an upscale luxury cruise).


Azamara Cruise Line was founded in 1986 by a group of investors who wanted to create a cruise line that would offer the finest service and amenities. The company offers cruise lines for every type of traveler, from those looking for luxury cruises to those seeking value-packed cruises.

With Azamara, you’ll get professional cabin stewards and gourmet chefs, excellent entertainment options on board, and outstanding service. This cruise line offers more than just vacations; it’s also a great way to explore the world. Azamara is one of the most trusted brands in the cruise industry. It’s no wonder they’re one of the best cruise lines around.

Azamara is the first luxury cruise line to offer an all-inclusive program that gives passengers a chance to explore Italy, Spain, France, and Greece. With the latest ships and amenities, including a 24-hour spa, an open-air pool, and a restored Roman villa on board, Azamara is a great choice for anyone wanting to take in some Mediterranean scenery.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The Regent Seven Seas Cruises is a luxury cruise line that sails to the Mediterranean region. They offer spectacular destinations and many activities like art classes, cooking demonstrations, shopping trips, and wine tastings. This company prides itself on having service that meets or exceeds the highest standards.

It carries a vast range of destinations. You’ll visit Italy, Greece, France, Corsica, Sardinia and many more. It also offers cruises for people with disabilities. The company offers hotel-style accommodations, with many restaurants on board for a true dining experience. There are also bars, lounges, and numerous activities on board!

Regent offers an emphasis on luxury and pampering, but also a focus on their “second-to-none” service. There are countless perks to cruising with Regent such as pre-and post-cruise shore excursions, 24 hr room service, and more. With its fleet of over 250 ships, there is something for everyone’s taste!

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises has lots of amenities for guests. A few are the fully-stocked library, one-of-a-kind onboard shops and restaurants, and many live shows for all to enjoy. Celebrity offers its guests a choice of two itineraries in the Mediterranean: The Northern or Southern Mediterranean.

Celebrity is a registered US corporation with dozens of ships that sail the world’s most popular destinations. Celebrity cruises have some of the best food onboard and are known for their large variety of activities, including full-service spas, fitness centers, and more.

It has a number of amenities like pools, spas, and health clubs for passengers to enjoy. They are also known for their luxurious interior design and top-notch service. What makes Celebrity Cruises so special is that it has made a name for itself as one of the top cruise lines for people who want to have a great vacation without spending an arm and a leg. Celebrity Cruises has four different ships: two on the Mediterranean Sea, one at Lake Buena Vista, and one in Alaska.

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises offers a wide range of experiences. This includes the Greek Isles, Caribbean, Panama Canal, and many more. Their onboard amenities are some of the best in the industry for first-time cruisers. They offer at-sea entertainment that can be enjoyed in the open-air venues or on their intimate theater stages.

Oceania Cruises is the perfect cruise line for you if you’re looking for an all-inclusive cruise experience to some of the most beautiful and culturally rich destinations from the Mediterranean Sea.

They created a balance between luxury and affordability. They offer several different cruises, which will suit any type of traveler. Their ships include all the amenities you could want from a cruise ship – including a wide variety to choose from. With an impressive list of ships, itineraries, and special features, Oceania Cruises is the perfect cruise for anyone looking for a European adventure with style.

Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises is an award-winning luxury cruise company. With its own fleet of 16 ships, Crystal specializes in offering cruises to destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. Crystal has been voted as the number one premium luxury cruise line by Travel + Leisure readers for three years running.

Crystal Cruises is one of the top cruise lines in the world. It offers seven different ships that are sure to please any traveler. The ships offer a variety of itineraries and destinations for you to choose from. Crystal Cruises is also known for its innovative approach to making certain that its guests have an enjoyable experience.

One example of this is the Crystal Planetarium, which dazzles the senses with its 360-degree dome and 30-ton video screen projection system. Additionally, the ships feature 24-hour butler service, complimentary spa treatments such as massages and facials, plush accommodations, and gourmet dining.

This popular cruise line offers itineraries that include a range of ports of call, including Dubrovnik, Corfu, Naples, and Barcelona. Crystal Cruises vessels are large enough for 112 guests and feature all-inclusive dining options and onboard activities such as painting classes and games.

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises is one of the most luxurious cruise lines in the world. They offer several different types of cruises, including a standard seven-day cruise to Greece, Italy, and Spain. The company also offers a 12-night Mediterranean cruise with stops at Barcelona, Paris, and Athens which promises to be an unforgettable experience for guests.

Cruise ships depart from Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, and Greece and visit some of the world’s most beautiful cities. The company offers luxurious accommodations with a variety of activities such as diving, cycling tours, golfing, hiking adventures, spa visits, and more. Costa ships offer high-quality entertainment options like pool games, casinos, fitness centers, and onboard spas.

Costa Cruises was founded in 1972 and has expanded to offer cruises to over 30 destinations, making Costa one of the best cruise lines in the world. One of their most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. They have made their way onto our list of the 10 Best Cruise Lines to the Mediterranean.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises offer incredible cruise experiences to the Mediterranean. They offer four itineraries in total and are home to some of the finest dining and entertainment options on the water. The onboard DJ is capable of picking up songs from a wide variety of genres, which includes everything from Top 40 to jazz standards.

There is also an onboard piano player who can accompany you to your favorite song or just give you your own personal concert! MSC Cruises offer incredible cruise experiences to the Mediterranean. They offer four itineraries in total and are home to some of the finest dining and entertainment options on the water.

The ships are equipped with tons of activities, including a rock-climbing wall and a wine bar. There are also excellent restaurants that provide dishes made with organic ingredients. MSC Cruises is one of the most popular cruise lines in Europe.

Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises is a luxury cruise line, and they offer many different trips to destinations all around the world. They have a large number of ships that operate in the Mediterranean, so they’re definitely worth considering if you’re just getting into cruises. Silversea offers traditional cruises where you’ll be treated like royalty, but they also offer more personalized options including private island stays and river cruises.

The cruises are designed around the travel preferences of each individual guest and are offered in eight different itineraries. The itineraries are designed specifically for their clientele and include cultural and historical stopovers, private dinners, or simply a day at sea with no activities scheduled.

The ships offer a wide variety of activities, from sailing on the Aegean Sea to visiting Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Silversea Cruises has been voted as the number one luxury cruise line for over 15 years. They have taken a leading role in showcasing luxury cruising, offering a range of impressive suites, onboard amenities, and fantastic staff.

The company focuses on providing an experience that is both comfortable and relaxing. This includes providing large rooms with spacious sitting areas, opulent cabins and private balconies, and gourmet food.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best cruise lines have a Mediterranean itinerary. Here you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoy spectacular views, and dine with fine cuisine on a luxurious journey.

Most people have an idea of the places they want to visit on their next cruise. The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations for a cruise and it is rich with culture, history, and natural beauty.

Regardless of whether you’re a cruise line veteran, or just getting started with cruising, there’s something for everyone on our list. There are so many options for cruises and it can be overwhelming, but this article has narrowed down the best of the best in order to make your decision easier.

Take the time to check out each option the cruise lines offer and choose the one that suits your budget.