The 11 Best Small Towns To Visit In The US

It is time to start planning your next vacation destination! What’s the point of a vacay if you don’t get to explore some new places? Traveling to small towns is always a great idea. They provide a less touristy local experience and many of them have their own personality and charm that makes them really stand out from other places.

There are so many small towns in the United States to visit, and different people will find their favorites depending on their own personal style. You might like a town because of its natural beauty, or perhaps you love learning about its history. Whatever your reason for visiting, we have some great small towns that offer an amazing experience!

In this article, we will be discussing which small towns are the best to visit in the United States. So if you want to check out a new area for your next getaway, read on!

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a small town in Maine that is famous for its white sandy beaches, mountains, forests, and fresh seafood. It is a great place to visit if you want to escape the city. This town has a lot of history because it was once owned by the Vanderbilts and was used as their vacation home.

It has an average population of 2,000 people. This makes it the perfect size for exploring everything that the town has to offer. It’s also easy to get around because there aren’t too many cars. This allows you to walk around and enjoy yourself without worrying about being run over or getting lost.

This town offers many activities, including whale watching, kayaking, and hiking. The harbor of Bar Harbor offers a view of Mount Desert Island. The island is home to many different types of plants and animals such as the red squirrel. It is just a short ferry ride away from Acadia National Park. It’s an amazing city with plenty to explore including hiking trails, lakes, waterfalls, and museums.


Telluride is a small town in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colorado. Its unique location on the slopes of Mount Meeker makes this place a must-see for hikers and backpackers.

Located in the southwest corner of the state, this picturesque mountain town has a population of 5,570 people. This small town offers some of the best winter sports action you will ever see. If you are looking to get away from it all and enjoy an unforgettable experience as well as have no problem packing your bags, then be sure to include Telluride on your travel itinerary.

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, the best small town to visit in the US is Telluride. It’s a tourist’s favorite for its natural beauty, upscale rustic appeal, and cultural diversity.

This area is known for its excellent skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing in the summer. The town itself has a lot of restaurants, galleries, and interesting shops to explore.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a small town in Wyoming. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to its abundance of outdoor activities that are available for all seasons. The town has made great advancements towards saving the environment and creating sustainable practices.

It is also home to the famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort which has been a part of the list of all-time American Ski resorts since 1973. The mountain, too, is one of the reasons that Jackson Hole remains at an elevation of 7,800 feet.

Jackson Hole has been visited by celebrities and artists alike. Considered the playground of the rich and famous, it’s a secluded area at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort that attracts people with its fresh air, spectacular views, and endless activities.

It’s small enough to walk around in an hour or less but big enough to have plenty of activities. The skiing at Jackson Hole is world-renowned and many people come here for cool hiking trails and fishing.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and Nevada. The area has a number of activities that make it a perfect vacation destination, including skiing, snowboarding, and hot-air ballooning. It also has numerous historical sites that are worth visiting.

The area was a favorite spot for American Indians, as well as gold miners and early settlers who flocked to the area in search of riches. However, it wasn’t until 1859 that a group of railroad workers started building their way up into the mountains when they discovered that Lake Tahoe’s water provided pristine pure air and crystal clear water.

Lake Tahoe also has plenty of other activities to keep people occupied. There are plenty of hiking trails and an area for camping, along with fine dining options if you want to dine at your villa on vacation.

With its many amenities like casinos, bowling alleys, hiking trails, and shopping centers, it has something for everyone. It also has two ski resorts. What sets the town apart the most is its beauty. This beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains will take your breath away.


Sedona is one of the best small towns to visit in the USA. Sedona has been nicknamed “The Red Rock Country” and is a great place to live, find peace, and enjoy the outdoors. The red rocks are everywhere and their colors change with the time of day. You can also find lots of places to hike, mountain bike, and horse riding in Sedona.

It’s a popular town for tourists who want to go hiking and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. People also come here to visit Montezuma Castle and historic Jerome, which is surrounded by red rocks. Sedona has some amazing small hotels such as The Chapel and Hotel Congress that are perfect for some getaways from the hectic life.

The history behind Sedona, which was originally called Chinle, is one that has been passed down through generations and can be seen everywhere in the area. It is located in Northern Arizona, close to Red Rocks National for the Arts of Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Jerome Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park, Rock Art Center, and Spooky Trails Museum & Ghost Town.

There are more than 100 spiritual sites in the area and this is where many people come to find their personal spirituality. It also has a cultural center, which houses over 25,000 pieces of art that includes photography, painting, and pottery.

The red rock formations, which can be seen around every corner, are unlike any other place in America. It also has been recognized by various publications as one of the best places to visit in America.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in America, and you’ll love this laid-back beach town. The historic district has a vibe like no other, with cobblestone streets and some of the finest examples of Spanish colonial architecture in the country. You’ll feel like you’re in a different era when sitting down for some espresso at Cafe Bene. You’ll also find plenty of outdoor activities around St. Augustine to keep you busy all day long – kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, and more!

It is a popular tourist destination because of the beautiful beaches, and historical buildings that have made it a place anyone would want to visit. It is also historic because countless immigrants have passed through this city over the years, making St. Augustine a place that can give you insight into America’s history with multiple cultures and languages.

St. Augustine has many historic landmarks including a famous lighthouse that was once used to guide ships into port. It is also home to the oldest cathedral in the United States, which serves as a reminder of the many religious groups that make up St. Augustine’s history.


Moab, located in southeastern Utah and named after the Biblical Moab, is a small community with a rich history. It is a popular destination for recreation and tourism, but despite its popularity, it has managed to retain its small-town charm.

Moab is a beautiful place with an amazing canyon, hiking trails, and stargazing opportunities. There is a lot to do in Moab and it is definitely worth visiting at least once while you’re in the United States. It is a five-minute drive from Arches National Park, which has more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches and dizzyingly beautiful vistas.

Not only does it have several national parks, but there are also many restaurants and hotels in the area. Moab is a great vacation destination for people who love the outdoors and want to escape for a few days.

Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is a small town located in Colorado. It is known for its snow skiing and mountain biking, as well as its natural beauty. People who visit the town come for an outdoor adventure, to relax, or to enjoy the many festivals that take place there during the year.

The natural beauty of Steamboat Springs will have you exploring the many trails, valleys, and mountains. The town also has plenty of attractions like skiing, golfing, fishing, shopping, and hiking to keep visitors busy. There are plenty of accommodations in the area to suit all tastes and budgets, so there is no shortage of things to do when you visit this spectacular small town in Colorado.

Steamboat Springs is a wildlife haven. This is the place that people come to vacation and experience the wilderness. The summers are warm and inviting, never too hot or humid. It also offers some of the best skiing in the world.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is a small coastal city located in southern Oregon. The town was established as a lumber mill town back in the 1870s and has been a popular destination for nature enthusiasts ever since. The town’s natural beauty attracts visitors from all over the world to explore numerous hiking trails, watch migrating whales, or catch some rays at one of their beautiful beaches.

It’s the perfect place for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. The town is filled with interesting shops and eateries, making it a great destination for visitors and locals alike.

It has delicious cuisine, beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, and opportunities for sea-kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Cannon Beach is a great place to visit any time of year.


Sonoma is a small town in California. It is located in the heart of wine country, with the Sonoma Valley a few miles away. This is a quaint town that welcomes people from all over the world, who come for its beautiful scenery and small-town atmosphere.

It’s a great place for outdoor adventurers who love to explore the surrounding countryside, locals who want to relax on the beach, or people who want to try some of the best food in the US. Sonoma makes a great day trip, but if you’re planning on spending more time there, consider renting an apartment in Sonoma instead of staying at one of its hotels.

It is a charming destination where travelers can find many attractions, including vineyards and good food. The town is also known for its many artists, as it has a long-established art colony.


Monterey is in the Monterey Bay area, and it has a lot of things to do. If you want to visit one place that you will love then going to Monte Vista Park is for you. This is the second oldest park in California, and it is full of beauty. You can visit the Botanical Gardens or explore tide pools on any given day. You can also go swimming at Lighthouse Cove and enjoy watching the seals on their daily patrols.

It was originally a Spanish settlement and is one of the oldest cities in California. It has many historic buildings, as well as some beautiful natural features including the Pacific Coast Highway, which overlooks Monterey Bay.

It is known for its beautiful coastline and it has multiple shopping areas including Cannery Row which contains many souvenir shops. This coastal town also houses one of the oldest libraries in the country and it is home to the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Final Thoughts

The best small towns to visit in the USA have a real sense of community and people who are always checking out the newcomers. They are home to historic buildings, wonderful cultural events, and the most amazing local cuisine.

Whether you want a relaxing weekend, an adventure in the great outdoors, or a place with lavish history, these eleven towns offer everything you could be looking for.