7 Confessions From Travelers That They Want People To Know

1) Over planning is my weakness

Any travel or tour destination comes with a limited time frame. This is why you will always find yourself asking questions such as; where to eat, how to get there or which places to visit. Unfortunately, most of us tend making plans that end up getting broken. For instance, if your bag got stolen or you miss a flight, you might have to break some of those plans. Yes, this can be frustrating and scary but unexpected changes might turn
out to be the best.

2. I don’t have to be rich to travel

The secret behind a good travel experience is knowing how to watch your budget. Not everyone who travels is rich. When planning for a trip, you should watch out every dollar before departure. Take advantage of latest budgeting apps that will prevent you from overspending.

3. I’m pessimistic but also optimistic

I know that things can flip from good to worst in a matter of minutes. By now, you have probably heard of the horrors out there if you travel alone. However, if you carry out research on your destination, you will never feel unsafe. If you feel unsafe, just pack your bags and leave. Flee. As a traveler, you should know that life will not always go as you want it. Therefore, you should always plan ahead.

4. It’s not always about “Taking a vacation”

Travelling is not only exhausting but is also exhilarating. There are thousands of things to do – some of which you hadn’t planned for. Therefore, you might travel for a vacation and also for research or work.

5. Hey I am human, I get homesick once in a while

During some trips, especially when I go alone, I find myself missing my family, best friends, smell of my hometown and more. It can be really hard during special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. On the other hand, the internet apps such as viber, line and WhatsApp can really help you overcome homesickness.

6. Looking a little silly is somehow cute

If you are on a totally new place, its best to seek advice from local people and not internet reviews. Let yourself appear silly. Learn some of the local language. It’s okay to pronounce some of the words wrong.

7. Traveling is not for everyone

If you love making new friends, tasting new foods or new smells, travelling is what you need. However, you might not be great all the time. If you feel it’s the right time to travel, get packing and go for it. Otherwise, wait for the right time.