14 Best Travel Hot Spots Of Northern Italy

Northern Italy has much to offer in terms of tourism. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful lakes, the Alps, and the breathtaking Dolomites. There are many different things to do when visiting Northern Italy. It is a must see destination for any traveler. There are many things to do in this region, but these are the top 14 of the most exciting activities.


The beautiful Trieste deserves the first mention for its magnificent edifices and natural heritage. The city has a rich history of buildings, and lures visitors with its castles and opulence. Overlooking the sea, Miramare Castle is a pleasant sight on a peak of a ridge. The castle has conserved its old charm with furnishings. Piazza Unità D’Italia is locally famous as the Living Room of the city. Grotta Gigante is another natural attraction in the form of a cave that catches the fancy of visitors.


The city is supposed to have witnessed the love story of Romeo and Juliet but it is not the only thing that makes Verona a must visit for Northern vacationers. The city has survived various invasions and preserves its heritage. Vacations usually visit the city to see the balcony from where Juliet spoke to her beloved. Roman amphitheater named The Arena and art-filled churches are also much admired.


For cheese lovers, a Northern Italian vacation cannot be complete without visiting the Parma city. It is known for its prosciutto and cheese production facilities. Besides being known for its rich gourmet cuisine, the city also has ample countryside beauty and historical attractions. Romanesque cathedral, Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Steccata, and Palazzo della Pilotta are famous amongst vacationers. It was home to renowned artists such as Giovannino Guareschi, Attilio Bertolucci, and Benedetto Antelami.


Milan is the financial and fashion hub of Italy. It’s also home to some pretty incredible food – from pastries to café au laits, the city offers something for everyone. It’s a large city that can be a little overwhelming for tourists, but there are plenty of ways to get around and explore all of its nooks and crannies. One thing you shouldn’t miss is the Duomo, Milan’s iconic cathedral and one of Italy’s most notable landmarks.

Milan is a stunning city right in the middle of Northern Italy. It’s a great location because you can easily visit other nearby cities to make a vacation out of it. There are plenty of museums, cathedrals, and world-famous landmarks to see when in Milan. If this is your first time visiting Milan, make sure you go to La Scala opera house!


Venice is a city that must be experienced to be understood. It’s a place of contradictions, with its small cobbled streets, water everywhere and the lapping of waves against the sides of boats. The Basilica di San Marco dominates the scene by day, while at night it’s lit by an array of colorful lights.

Venice is one of the most romantic places in all of Italy–sauntering by canals, being serenaded by gondoliers and taking a boat ride on a moonlit evening are just some things that will make your stay here memorable.

It has amazing food, culture, and entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else. Venice is an open-air museum with canals, bridges, and centuries-old architecture. The city is best enjoyed by getting lost in the labyrinth of alleys on foot or via water taxi while eating gelato along the way.


Bologna is a giant medieval city that’s full of culture and history. Every day, thousands of people visit the city to learn about its rich past and enjoy its many attractions. There are so many things to do in Bologna, from going on a tour of the town to visiting one of the many churches. Whatever you choose to do during your visit, you’ll know why Bologna is called “The Red Capital.”

It has the lively, youthful vibe of European metropolises without the high-rise buildings and congestion. The city’s small size and easy-to-navigate layout make it ideal for people of all ages and abilities who want to get out and explore.

There are many museums and churches to explore, along with a robust nightlife scene. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Piazza Maggiore, which includes a nightly fireworks show from May through September.


The Dolomites are a mountain range in northern Italy. They are well-known for their beauty and amazing scenery, as well as their vast number of ski resorts. In the winter, they attract many visitors to see the snow covered slopes and long Christmas markets. In the summer, people visit for hiking, biking or just lounging on a sun-warmed rock. There is something for everyone here!

The breathtaking landscape is perfect for those who love to hike and ski, as well as those who simply enjoy the stunning views. The Dolomites are a part of the Alps and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They were given this designation due to their natural beauty and cultural significance.

They are famous for their beautiful ski runs, which attract skiers from all over the world. Hikers also enjoy trekking through this area because it is easily accessible, and there’s plenty to see. The scenery is spectacular with lush green valleys, crystal clear rivers, and snow-covered peaks. Visitors can enjoy visiting bustling towns like Bolzano or quaint villages like Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Lake Garda

Located in northern Italy, Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It’s known for its incredible views, beaches, and small quaint towns like Bardolino and Limone sul Garda. The lake is also the perfect place to water ski or windsurf which makes it a popular tourist destination.

The scenery around the lake is quite lovely. If you’re looking for a tranquil vacation spot, Lake Garda should be at the top of your list. Hiking trails around the lake can take you to some amazing points of view where you won’t have many other people but will still have a beautiful backdrop.

You can explore the city of Riva del Garda, visit the sanctuary of Madonna del Monte, or hike through the spectacular Val d’Ossola Valley. The lake is also a great place to relax and take in the natural beauty as you enjoy some delicious cuisine.

Lake Como

The Lake Como region is a favorite among most visitors. It’s a beautiful area with a lot of history and culture. Lake Como has been a favorite retreat for celebrities for decades, and it’s still a haven for the rich and famous. In addition to its natural beauty, Lake Como is known for its wine production.

The views of the water and surrounding mountains are incredible, and there is plenty to do on the lake itself. Take a boat around the lake and visit some of the popular resorts like Bellagio and Menaggio. A trip to Lake Como is not complete without experiencing its legendary cuisine.

It’s nestled between Alpine foothills, rolling hills, and vineyards, which are all surrounded by lush greenery. Lake Como has three main towns: Bellagio, Menaggio, and Varenna. These towns are known for their charming scenery that’s perfect for taking pictures or just admiring from your boat tour.


Bergamo has a lot to offer for tourists. There are many outdoor activities, including skiing and hiking. In the city there are plenty of historic sites, such as Bergamo Cathedral and Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. Visitors can also enjoy the cafes and restaurants, or take in a show at Teatro Sociale.

It is characterized by its rich history, culture, scenic views, and delicious cuisine. The city’s best-known landmark is the Città Vecchia, which contains many well-preserved ancient buildings. Some of the most popular attractions are the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Castello Sforzesco, and Museo del Duomo di Milano.

There are also many fun things to do in Bergamo including ice skating at Piazza Cesare Battisti or eating at one of the many restaurants around town. It is the perfect place for adults looking to relax and enjoy themselves while also taking in the history of the city.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a coastal region on the Ligurian Sea, which forms part of the border between France and Italy. It is a beautiful Italian village with five different small towns that are all accessible by train or hiking trails. The beauty of this area is from its natural beauty from the cliffs, mountains, and coastlines as well as from its picturesque villages with brightly colored buildings.

Each town has its own character and charm with architecture that dates back centuries. In Monterosso, for example, you will find a small harbor filled with sailboats and fishing nets stretching across the sea. The five villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso sit high above the sea on the steep cliffs of an ancient geological formation called La Via della Costa.

The hike from the first to the last town takes about four hours. The views there are spectacular, with the rugged shoreline providing a beautiful backdrop.

Lake Braies

Lake Braies is a beautiful mountain lake with a lovely white sand beach. It’s perfect for swimming and hiking. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are breathtaking – it’s not unusual to see people jumping in from the rocks above the water!

The lake is set in an area of great natural beauty and surrounded by wooded mountains. The water here never freezes, making it a popular destination for tourists during winter months. One of the best parts about the lake is that there are small islands that surround it. On those islands, you can find things like an outdoor restaurant, a small museum, and other natural attractions.

It’s located in the National Park of Southern Sarca, and it offers visitors gorgeous scenery, fishing opportunities, hiking trails, and places to camp. The village of Braies is also worth exploring because it was once an ancient Roman complex that housed up to 1,000 inhabitants.


Situated in the mountains of Southern Piedmont, Lussari is a charming medieval village with narrow cobblestone streets. It’s proximity to the Swiss Alps makes it a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. It’s surrounded by magnificent mountains and has rich traditions of farming and craftsmanship. The town also has many delicious food stores, cafes, and wineries.

The natural beauty of this place will make you want to stay here all day. Lussari has thirteen churches, including an ancient hamlet that’s still fully functional. Lussari has numerous shops, restaurants, and hotels for all budgets. The city also hosts annual events like Stellata horse race and Stelvio Marathon.

It’s home to ancient churches, medieval castles, superb restaurants, and dozens of inns. Visitors can take a bike ride through the park or visit the Lussari Grand Hotel to stay the night for some luxury. The first thing you will notice is that many of the houses are stones, slate or wood and there are no high-rises. There is also not much traffic on the streets, but this could be because it’s difficult to get there.

Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a city in the Veneto region of Italy. It is right in the foothills of the Alps and has a population of just over 17,000 people. The city is surrounded by an Italian-style piazza with shops, restaurants, and cafés. Visitors can also enjoy wine tasting at one of the many wineries nearby.

It offers visitors a charming blend of natural beauty and culture. The town has a rich history dating back to Roman times and boasts 16th and 17th-century architecture. It’s also home to an annual literary festival that attracts some of the world’s most celebrated authors.
>Bassano del Grappa lies by the Brenta River and provides visitors with fantastic views of the Alps on one side and the Venetian Plain on the other. The town is also located in the foothills of the Cansiglio forest, giving it an enchanting medieval atmosphere with plenty of outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts

There are so many reasons to visit Italy, but if you’re looking for a more offbeat experience than the typical tourist traps, consider visiting northern Italy. The country is so big and diverse that there’s something for everyone! If you are looking for a  vacation or a weekend getaway, I would highly recommend visiting Northern Italy. The sights and the food will leave you in awe. This region has so much to offer!