14 Top Rated Attractions In Ontario, Canada

Ontario is a province in Eastern Canada. It is the second most populous and second largest in size of Canada’s provinces and territories. Ontario, one of the world’s wealthiest and most industrialized regions, has the highest per capita income in Canada, and has the country’s most diversified economy.

For those who live in Ontario, the local landscape is not as barren and dry as it may seem. The majority of the province is covered by forests and waterways and contains breathtaking views and hidden gems. This article will break down some of the best places to visit in Ontario for those looking to explore the natural beauty of Canada’s largest province.

Parliament Hill

Designed with large archways, copper adorned turrets, and Gothic revival gargoyles, Parliament is another top destination in Canada. One of the main features of Parliament Hill is the Centre Block, the main building of the Canadian Parliament. In the middle of the Centre Block is the iconic Peace Tower. The clock and bell tower stands slightly over 300 feet and is covered with stone carvings of gargoyles. The Centre Block was developed in the mid-19th century and was one of the first homes of the Canadian government.

The architecture of Parliament Hill is modeled after the British Houses of Parliament, but there are some major differences. The most notable difference is that Parliament Hill is designed in a Gothic Revival style, while Westminster abides by a more classical style. It may be among one of the smallest capitals in North America but Ottawa has many great attractions for tourists to explore at their leisure.

CN Tower

The CN Tower is the most iconic sight in Canada. It’s a marvel of 1970’s engineering and it always ranks as one of the top places to visit in every Canada travel guide. It has the appearance of a gigantic hypodermic needle but its main role is to act as a communications tower. It is one of the highest free standing structures in the world that stretches to a height of 1,815 feet.

If you’re looking for a good view of the city, the CN Tower is the most iconic landmark in Toronto. It’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ontario with millions of people visiting every year. There are two observation decks on the tower – one at 346 meters and another at 447 meters. The lower deck offers views for up to 50 kilometers away while the upper deck provides an unrivaled view of up to 70 kilometers away.

Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney is also referred to as the “crown jewel of Ontario parks”, with one of the highest rated kayaking destinations in the world. At Killarney, people can spend days exploring the well-over 50 lakes and network of trails that provide spectacular vistas of the lakes and Georgian Bay.

The park consists of rugged mountain ranges, lakes, and salt marshes. You can see various wildlife in this park, including moose, deer, grey wolves, coyote, bobcat, beavers, and grouse. It is also home to bald eagles and osprey. It is home to many beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails. Visitors can also enjoy wildlife viewing or head out on a boat tour.

Elgin & Winter Garden Theater

This is a restored work of art that is regarded as one of the last fully functional Edwardian double-decker theaters. The Winter Garden was initially developed as the flagship for a vaudeville chain that never got started while the downstairs was converted into a movie house. Tours of the theater run on Thursdays and Fridays.

The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre combines Victorian architecture with modern amenities. The theatre features pre-show music, beverages, and appetizers that are delivered to your seat while you wait for the show to start. Visitors can enjoy Elgin’s fine festivals, theatrical performances, and craft fairs. The town has a rich history that dates back to the late 1800s. Strolling through Elgin’s charming downtown offers many opportunities for shopping and discovery.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum celebrated its centennial in 2014 and is regarded as one of the largest natural history museums in North America. With the addition of “The Crystal” entrance on Bloor St. in 2007, the museum building combines the traditional heritage buildings with modern architecture with great effect (and controversy). It is a memorable destination to visit with friends.

The ROM houses exhibits ranging from natural sciences to art and everything in-between. The museum itself is located near the University of Toronto, which allows students and faculty to take advantage and participate with the ROM on a more regular basis.

Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada

At Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, you may explore the world’s waters. The aquarium, which is located at the base of the CN Tower in downtown Toronto, is a must-see attraction for visitors and people of all ages. Discover your own underwater journey by immersing yourself in a world of 20,000 aquatic species.

With over 5.7 million litres of water and over 100 interactive activities, the Aquarium has North America’s longest underwater viewing tube. Get up up and personal with horseshoe crabs, sharks, scarlet cleaner shrimp, and stingrays in many touch displays, as well as daily diving presentations every 2 hours.

This breathtaking attraction has nine meticulously selected galleries that showcase a diverse range of marine and freshwater ecosystems from across the world, beginning with species native to Toronto’s doorstep, the Great Lakes basin.

Toronto Island Park

It’s a little slice of paradise located on the city’s mainland waterfront. The park is dotted with sandy beaches, scenic bridges, and palm trees. There are plenty of events held at the park every year, including concerts and festivals for all sorts of interests.

There are a few different activities that one can do at the park, including going for a walk or a jog on the boardwalk, visiting The Beaches Park and shopping in the Scarborough Town Centre. This popular tourist destination features lush green space with many walking trails and scenic views of Lake Ontario. With so much to see and do, visitors can experience the best of Toronto’s culture. There are also plenty of restaurants that offer plenty of options for kids and adults alike.

Lake Ontario

Located in the province of Ontario, Lake Ontario has many popular beaches. One of them is Toronto’s Woodbine Beach. This beach is safe for swimming and has public restrooms for visitors to use. It also features a long boardwalk with views of Toronto’s skyline.

If you’re looking for a vacation destination that is both relaxing and thrilling, Lake Ontario is the perfect place for you. In the summer months, locals and tourists alike flock to this stunning body of water to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and more. Once fall rolls around, the lake transforms into a haven for winter lovers with skaters inching their way across the ice and snow-covered hills in all directions.

Port Credit

Port Credit is a small town on the Mississauga side of Lake Ontario. With a population of 18,905, it is one of the fastest growing communities in Toronto. The downtown area of Port Credit is beautiful and has been designated as a National Historic Site. It offers a range of restaurants and stores that are perfect for shopping or grabbing a coffee with friends.

The area is family friendly and offers plenty for everyone to enjoy, such as golf courses, parks, marinas, and outdoor cafes. It’s also home to one of the world’s largest infrastructure projects: The Portlands Energy Centre.

Dundurn Castle

Dundurn Castle is an interesting-looking castle that was built in 1832 into majestic grounds that are perfect for strolling through. The castle itself is home to a beautiful art gallery, gift shop, and plenty of artifacts from the past. There are even gardens and beautiful views of Lake Ontario.

It served as his country home and also as a military barracks. The building served many purposes over the years, but it’s currently used as a museum that depicts life during the 1800s. Visitors can explore the castle to learn about its history and see how the wealthy lived at the time.

Not only does it have beautiful gardens, but it also houses an art gallery and museum with over 10 thousand artifacts from around the world. The castle is considered to be one of the most significant historic sites in Canada and has been used as a backdrop for many movies.

Springbank Park

It is an urban park on the Oak Ridges Moraine near Richmond Hill, Ontario. There are many activities available at the park including hiking, dog walking, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, bird watching or picnicking. The park also has a ski lodge where you can rent equipment and enjoy food and beverages.

It features a great playground and plenty of fields and picnic spots. If you’re looking for a more rural atmosphere, check out the nearby Georgian Bay Lighthouse Centre. The park is surrounded by forests, waterfalls, and rock formations. Visitors can hike or bike through the park or enjoy it from a canoe, kayak, or small boat.

Springbank ParkĀ  has a variety of wildlife and scenic views, perfect for hiking or biking. There are also picnic areas and a children’s play area with a pond. The park is open from sunrise to sunset and parking can be found off Lawrence Avenue East.

Kingston Waterfront

Kingston, Ontario is a city on the eastern end of Lake Ontario. It was the first English colonial settlement in Canada and it has seen much change. The waterfront area, which is located near the breathtaking Cataraqui River and Lake Ontario, has been steadily redeveloped to keep up with the growth of Kingston.

You can go for a walk or just take in the scenery. There are amazing views of the water and it’s an ideal spot for photography. There are also restaurants, shops, and museums nearby if you want to stay longer.

Visitors can explore the fortifications by following the fortification trail, which has bilingual plaques to help visitors learn about Canada’s military history. Kingston is home to several museums, including War of 1812 Museum where visitors can learn more about the War of 1812, look at weapons and uniforms used during this time period.

The Grotto

If you’re looking for a place to go hiking, the Grotto may be perfect for you. Located in Ontario’s Niagara Region, it offers a beautiful view of the lower portion of the Niagara Escarpment. This park is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike as it can be visited year round.

It is said that this place was once home to a hermit who lived as a recluse for 40 years, never leaving the sanctuary he built from stone. He eventually died of natural causes and his body remained on the site as a sign of veneration. On the surface, it may look like an ordinary cave – but in reality, it hides a spectacular staircase that descends to the bottom of the 80-foot cliff. The staircase provides visitors with a 360-degree view of Hamilton and Lake Ontario.

It offers a beautiful, colorful cascading waterfall that you can walk through and explore. There are also to large caves with cool temperature changes and an interesting rock formations. You can reach The Grotto by hiking or biking, but many prefer to go on the guided tour because it provides some pretty interesting information about the history of this area.

Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Ottawa, Ontario. It contains exhibits that explore Canada’s military history as well as those of other nations such as France and Australia. The museum also has an extensive collection of artifacts and memorabilia from World War I and II.

It has the most complete collection anywhere of military vehicles, weapons, artillery pieces, aircraft, uniforms, medals and other memorabilia. The museum offers programs for all ages, but there are even more events for children because understanding what war means can be difficult to comprehend.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the province of Ontario, chances are you’re looking for places to visit. There are numerous things to do in the province as outlined above, but visitors often enjoy exploring the different regions. Take the time to map out your visit and explore all the places we’ve listed above and we’re sure you’ll have an enjoyable and memorable experience.