4 Must Visit Lanai Attractions

The Munro Trail

The Munro Trail, located near the well-known Lanai city, is a must visit attraction for those looking for adventure and the perfect sightseeing destination. The Munro Trail is only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles, which can be rented nearby. The trial is a seven mile road of dirt. Along the way, your breath will be taken away, as there is so much for you to see. Cooke pine trees, the Maunalei Canyon, and the nearby island of Maui can be seen. You will also end up atop of Mount Lanaihale, which according to Hawaii’s Official Tourism website, is the highest peak on the island.

Hulopoe Bay

Hulopoe Bay, located on the southern end of Lanai, is often referred to as one of the beast beaches in the United States. In fact, many travel websites and television channels have stated so. Hulopoe Bay, like most beaches of Hawaii, is known for its all-year round activities. In the summer months, Hulopoe Bay is perfect for swimming, body boarding, snorkeling, and walks along the volcanic rocks. Spinner dolphins are also common seen from the shoreline. Should you visit in the winter, you may be able to spot Humpback whales from the coastline.

Lanai Cultural and Heritage Center

While the beauty of Hawaii is a big draw for tourists, so is its rich history. If you would like to learn more about the history and culture of Lanai, you are encouraged to visit the Lanai Cultural and Heritage Center. The Lanai Cultural and Heritage Center is located in Lanai City. Here you can see documents important to the history of Lanai, as well as Hawaiian artifacts.

Polihua Beach

If you are looking for privacy and adventure on your next Hawaii vacation then the Polihua Beach is just for you. Unfortunately, the Polihua Beach is only accessible by 4-wheel drive and the ten mile drive can leave some non-adventurers wishing to turn back. However, once you arrive at Polihua Beach, you will be glad you made the journey. The beach is commonly deserted, often giving you the ultimate level of privacy.