4 Popular Sights In Stockholm Sweden

Visit the Royal Palace

Located near Old Town, this is the official home of the city’s royal lines. However, don’t expect that the queen is here too because she has her own residence too (in Drottningholm). Having been the greatest empire in the world, this palace boasts of its more than 600 rooms and 5 museums – making it one of the biggest in the European continent.

Historic Battles at the Vasa Museum

Made with great price and expected to be a priceless battleship of their fleet, it unfortunately sank during its major journey in the sixteenth century, decades after Titanic disaster happened. Later in the nineteenth century, a great exploration was made to get the ship for everyone to see. And now, it is peacefully laden in its museum; thus the name Vasa Museum.

Rejuvenate Your Senses at Djurgården

If you feel a bit tired from walking around the Old Town and checking out the Royal Palace and Vasa Museum, go to Djurg√•rden. Here, you can take a short rest while looking at the peaceful river, feeling the fresh wind breeze and taking yourself to a short nap by the birds symphony. It’s also a great area to roam around and have a picnic, an opportunity for you to mingle with the Swedish community.

Skansen Museum

This open-air museum is actually the oldest all over the world. Why it’s perfect for families? Oh well, you will not only experience the authentic taste of the community but also the marvel at the amazing animals in its zoo. There are 150 plus various establishments gathered in this area, which are organized in unique districts. You can see bakeries, churches, manor homes, potteries, animals and restaurants.