13 Popular Sights In Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm is a captivating city with many things to offer. It is one of the most popular cities in Sweden and has plenty of entertaining events, spectacles, and fun. The reason why many people visit Stockholm is to see the amazing sights that it has to offer.

These include Ulriksdal Palace, where King John III lived after his coronation, Skansen with its beautiful gardens full of flowers, the Royal Palace from where Queen Silvia puts on elaborate shows every day, and Gamla Stan which was the historical center of Stockholm in the 1600s.

Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden by population. It is located on the island of Sweden, which makes it a part of both the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea Region. Stockholm has become one of Europe’s most vibrant cities because of its large and diverse cultural output.

Many sights in Stockholm are popular destinations for tourists from all over Europe. The Swedish capital offers many cultural experiences, including world-class museums, excellent restaurants, shopping centers, art galleries and green public parks.

Let’s take a look at our recommended spots to visit in Stockholm.

Visit the Royal Palace

Located near Old Town, this is the official home of the city’s royal lines. However, don’t expect that the queen is here too because she has her own residence too (in Drottningholm). Having been the greatest empire in the world, this palace boasts of its more than 600 rooms and 5 museums – making it one of the biggest in the European continent.

The Royal Palace is a beautiful site in Stockholm Sweden. There are many paintings and sculptures that line the halls of this palace. Along with the amazing architecture, tours of the palace allow visitors to see many different rooms that have entirely different themes.

Historic Battles at the Vasa Museum

Made with great price and expected to be a priceless battleship of their fleet, it unfortunately sank during its major journey in the sixteenth century, decades after Titanic disaster happened. Later in the nineteenth century, a great exploration was made to get the ship for everyone to see. And now, it is peacefully laden in its museum; thus the name Vasa Museum.

The Vasa Museum is a heart-warming memory of the ship that was built to give Stockholm its first true navy, which Sweden’s King Gustav III had ordered in 1743. The problem was that it looked nothing like what he wanted.

Despite this, the ship took on water very quickly and sank while being towed over land to be taken apart. It was salvaged and restored, and now it sits proudly at the museum as an example of how things can go wrong but still end well in life

Rejuvenate Your Senses at Djurgården

If you feel a bit tired from walking around the Old Town and checking out the Royal Palace and Vasa Museum, go to Djurgården. Here, you can take a short rest while looking at the peaceful river, feeling the fresh wind breeze and taking yourself to a short nap by the birds symphony. It’s also a great area to roam around and have a picnic, an opportunity for you to mingle with the Swedish community.

Djurgården is one of the many popular sites in Stockholm. It is a large park, with plenty of cafés and restaurants nearby. If you are looking for a place to walk around on your day off, this is the perfect spot. You can also get a boat ride or rent bikes from here.

It has been called the “crown jewel” of Stockholm and one of the green lungs of Central Stockholm. Various bridges, paths, and promenades criss-cross the large area.

Skansen Museum

This open-air museum is actually the oldest in the world. Why it’s perfect for families? Oh well, you will not only experience the authentic taste of the community but also marvel at the amazing animals in its zoo. There are 150 plus various establishments gathered in this area, which are organized in unique districts. You can see bakeries, churches, manor homes, potteries, animals, and restaurants.

The museum consists of buildings that preserve a typical Swedish rural village with its farms, farmhouses, workshops, forest surroundings, and gardens. Other exhibits include animals such as reindeer and elk, traditional crafts such as spinning and weaving as well as historic buildings like a 16th-century castle or 18th-century baroque church.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is a district of Stockholm, Sweden, and the original old town. It has a long history as the city’s central marketplace with many buildings from the 15th century. In addition to its historical significance, Gamla Stan is also primarily known as one of Stockholm’s most popular tourist destinations.

It is one of the most visited areas in Stockholm because of its location near many major attractions such as the Gunnebo House, Royal Palace, Royal Dramatic Theatre, Skansen (the Swedish open-air museum) and more. The old town is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has lots of interesting sights including cobblestone streets and beautiful old buildings.

Stockholm Boat Tour

Taking a boat tour of Stockholm is the best way to see the city from a different perspective. Tourists will enjoy exploring the waterways while also learning interesting facts about Sweden’s capital. You will learn about Swedish history, culture, and customs during this three-hour tour.

The boat travels to some of Sweden’s most popular sights including Gamla Stan (The Old Town), the Castle and The Royal Palace. You’ll also get to see the Stockholm City Hall, Nobel Museum (Museum of Literature), and Skansen Zoo.

The boat tour will take you through the city and the beautiful sights that Stockholm has to offer. This is a great way for tourists to see different parts of the city.


Fotografiska is a museum dedicated to photography. It’s nestled between two buildings in a historical part of Stockholm. The museum includes an art gallery, photo library and library. There are exhibitions on weekends with changing displays of photos all year round.

Today, it displays Swedish artists including Vilhelm Moberg and Anders Zorn who are among the most famous photographers from the Nordic countries. It includes exhibitions, historical photos, and modern photographs by Swedish photographers.

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall is a building in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm, Sweden. It stands on Stadshusgränd, an alleyway running through Gamla Stan. It was built in 1883–85 to a design by architect Ulrik Hellström, it was originally built to serve as the residence of the chief burghers of Stockholm but today it is primarily used as a high-rise office building with apartments and meeting rooms on several floors.

The building’s name translates into “The Municipal Council” or “The Municipality”. Stockholm City Hall is one of the most famous landmarks of the city.

Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet is a museum that showcases Swedish design and culture. The museum is located in central Stockholm, Sweden and includes works from the likes of Carl Larsson, I.K. Turgeniev and Anna Anka. It showcases modern and contemporary art, primarily through the work of Swedish artists. The museum is the largest in Sweden and houses over a million pieces of art.

This museum is an art museum located on Djurgarden, a large island in central Stockholm. It’s known for its modernist architecture and Swedish pop art collection.   The museum also has workshops that are offered so that visitors can learn how to make their own ceramics, textiles, jewelry, and other items.

Royal City National Park

Royal National City Park is a great place to bring your family. In the winter, visitors will see the beautiful snow on the slopes. During summertime, visitors can enjoy biking, hiking or jogging in the park. The park is also known for its history due to the fact that it was once the home of the Crown Jewels. In addition to this, Sweden’s first parliament and its National Museum are located there.

People who visit can stroll through 8 kilometers of historic trees, gardens, and paths that fill the park with lush greenery. On clear days, you can even see Stockholm’s iconic blue rooftops from the hilltop viewpoint near Kastellholmen.

There are walking paths, beautiful statues and fountains, and a natural forest. The park features the best of landscape design and architecture. It takes about three hours to fully explore the park and its different attractions. It’s also been used as a backdrop for many famous movies!


Östermalm is a popular area in Stockholm. It used to be a financial center but has now become home to many of the city’s most interesting attractions. You’ll find that Östermalm is filled with historical landmarks, modern buildings and fine restaurants.

It typically consists of many cafes and boutiques and is bordered by the old fortress from the 16th century. It also has a beautiful view that is worth taking photographs or admiring in person. Östermalm is one of the most visited areas of Stockholm, so it can be difficult to find parking for some cars.

It is a highly visited sightseeing area in Stockholm. It has many high historic buildings and beautiful park areas, but the best part about it is that there are plenty of places for coffee and lunch breaks. One must-see site is the famous statue of Greta Garbo.

The area is famous for its shopping, restaurants, public green spaces and public art. Some of the sculptures in Östermalm include “The Fat Boy” by Carl Milles, “Parks in Motion” by Mauritz Widforss, and “Humans on the Bridge” by Claes Oldenburg.


SkyView is an observation tower located at the top of Kungsträdgården. It offers great views of Stockholm and most importantly, it’s free! SkyView was built by Victor Emanuel, an architect who wanted to create a monument to Sweden’s capital city. It is possible to take the elevator up to the tower but there are also stairs that visitors can use if they would like to walk the entire way up.

When visiting Stockholm, Sweden, one of the most popular attractions is SkyView. It is a 1,000-meter (3,281 feet) tall tower that offers views of the city and surrounding countryside. The best time to visit SkyView is at sunset, when it will be lit up in various colors.

Sight Seeing Tours

Stockholm is a fascinating city with so much to see. One of the most popular ways to experience Stockholm is by taking on one of the many sight-seeing tours that are available. The tours range from full day tours, half day tours, or even a walking tour that lasts just a few hours.

Stockholm Sightseeing Tours is one such company offering self-guided walking tours, as well as different kinds of escorted walks to get you off your feet and see more of the city. Tour groups can take a guided tour by boat, bus, or on foot. Some popular sights include the Nobel Museum, Skansen open-air museum, and Vasamuseet which showcases furniture from the early 18th century to the present day.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, take a sight-seeing tour of Stockholm! You’ll learn about the history of the city while also taking in the beauty that this amazing country has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Stockholm is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers something for everyone. The attractions of the city are vast and include activities such as the Stockholm Opera House, Vasa Museum, Royal Palace, Drottningholm Palace, and Gamla Stan. If you enjoy nature or getting outdoors, be sure to visit Vaxholm Nature Reserve.

Stockholm is most popular for its many things to do and see. The capital of Sweden, Stockholm also offers amazing food, design, and culture. There is so much to explore in this city and it would be a shame not to visit! To visit Stockholm is to experience a city full of culture and history, as well as art.

Whether you are looking for something to do or just want to explore the Swedish capital on your own, there’s always something new waiting for you. A trip to Stockholm awaits you.