4 Ways You Can Make Your Travel Less Stressful

1. Be Flexible

If by chance all your flights are booked, then try alternate airports like Milwaukee instead of Chicago, or look for routes with fewer delays this may just save you money and a lot of stress simply because of avoiding the larger airports.

2. Don’t Get Stars In Your Eyes

In most countries the designations are usually given by the government not because of quality but due to the hotel rates, that is, how much the hotel is charging. Simply put it means you are paying higher rates for your room.

3. Undress For Success

Place all of your metallic belongings like watch, keys, jewelry etc. into plastic ziplock bags and pack them in your carry-on prior to arriving at the airport. You can then put them all on after passing the security check point, it saves time.

4. Mail Your Luggage

You can ship your luggage directly to your hotel ahead of your visit, people use Fedex, DHL etc. . This will eliminate all the waiting and gathering around the luggage carousel praying that your bag was on the same flight as you.