5 Beaches In Bermuda You Must Visit

Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach is a pale pink beach with sand that stretches for almost a mile. This beach is one of the famous beaches in Bermuda and at least three hotels sit on its borders. This is also one of the safest beaches on the island for swimming. Easter tends to be the time that the beach is packed with college students invading Bermuda for College Weeks.

Astwood Cove

Astwood Cove is located at the bottom of the sharp winding road that intersects with South Road. This is one of the famous beaches in Bermuda that is remote and is rarely overcrowded. Tourists who want a quiet spot beach will surely love this beach with its trees and shrubbery of Astwood Park providing a lush backdrop.

Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay is a popular beach on the south side of the South Shore Park that features half a mile stretch of sand against scenery of scrubland and low grasses. An offshore reef keeps the waves surprisingly small despite frequent winds, and a serrated coral island appears to float above water. This beach is excellent for snorkeling, where the waters are crystal clear and marine life comes close to shore.

Chaplin Bay

Chaplin Bay is situated at the southern extremity of South Shore Park, in between the boundary of two parishes. This small beautiful beach is almost completely invisible during storms and particularly high tides. Rising from the water is an open-air coral barrier that partially separates one half of the beach from the other.

Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay this is one of the most famous beaches in Bermuda, and one of the best for families too. Unlike many other beaches on the island, this beach has a lifeguard on duty from May to September and complete facilities which includes watersports equipment rentals.