4 Famous Places In Greece You Must Visit

Corfu Island

Worthy of checking out is Corfu Island or also known as Kerkira Island, which is one of the famous places in Greece. Considered to be the most beautiful island in Greece, it is located in the northwestern corner of the country. Perhaps due to the rainfall it frequently experiences, the island is rich in plant life, making it the greenest among the other islands. One can tour the town, the coastline, the villages, farms, and the beach resorts the island has to offer. The place will prove to be very relaxing and enjoyable, with the people there very hospitable as well.


Then we have Mykonos, which offers the beauty of the outdoors, and the partying atmosphere indoors. It boasts of its beautiful beaches where you can spend your time having fun or witnessing sunsets, and of the wacky festivity in the nighttime. The party scene would not disappoint the party lovers out there who want a different experience after a day on the beach.


Santorini is also considered one of the famous places in Greece. One of the best advices travelers receive when going to this place is not to miss the sunset. The sunset is just so beautiful, seeing the reflection of sunset lights on the seas, with the skies and the landscapes in the background; you’ll definitely put this as one of the best sunsets you had ever witnessed in your life. In Santorini, you will get to see Akrotiri, which was a town destroyed by the eruption of the volcano, but amazingly preserved with the layers of lava. They are also known for the quality of wine they produce – regarded to be the finest in Greece.


Thessaloniki, which is the capital of Macedonia, is another of those famous places in Greece you should come and visit. It hosts some of the most attractive beaches, hotels, and restaurants in Greece. It sports a relaxed lifestyle, and partygoers have a lot to look forward to for their nightlife. The restaurants here are considered to be one of the best in Greece. Also, one will see old houses together with modern houses around, making your tour of the place much more interesting.