5 Most Comfortable, Luxurious Airports Worldwide

Many of us travel, passing through airport after airport, not really taking in the ambience as we are just simply focused on the destination and not necessarily the journey. However, there are some places around the world that encourage you to stop and take in the experience of the journey while heading to your destination. Look at the 5 luxurious and comfortable airports to be experienced worldwide.

1. Singapore Changi Airport (SIN).

This airport has won the title of the world’s best airport for the 6th year in a row! The airport is world-renowned for their beautiful architecture, indoor waterfalls, and butterfly garden. Free 24-hour movie theatre and a swimming pool are some of what makes Changi Airport the best. Luxurious spa, open air restaurants and free tours around the airport to make your layover fun.

2. Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN).

Seoul’s Incheon is always sparkling and is one of the busiest airports in the world. Located on an island in South Korea, Incheon Airport has a Korean culture museum and features cultural performances throughout the day. Spacious VIP lounges, indoor skating rink, and beautiful spas. Authentic, local cuisine options.

3. Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND).

One of the two major airports of Tokyo, Japan, Haneda is only a few miles from Japan’s capital. While being one of the most busiest airports in the world, Haneda is of the cleanest and most efficient. Cross the Haneda Bridge to feel like you’re in Edo. Visit the ‘Aviation Shrine’ for spiritual healing and praying if you have time!

4. Hong Kong International Airport (HKG).

Home to Cathay Pacific Airlines – a top-rated airline. Fast connections from the city via Airport Express that takes you to the airport in just 24 minutes! Premium class lounges, nap rooms, and an IMAX theatre. HKG even has their own top-rated luxury hotel called the Regal Airport Hotel.

5. Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Has one of the world’s largest duty-free shopping centers. Served by about 140 airlines, including the very best, Emirates. ‘Wow-fi’, one of the fasted Wi-Fi’s in the world, is offered all over the airport. DXB has their very own zen garden to help you relax between layovers.