5 Richest State Desserts In America

America may have started off as a pretty unexciting place for dessert back in the early cornmeal mush and hasty pudding days. One fat growth spurt and several billion extra forks later, it appears this country has found its diversified stride in every delectable corner. Savoring some of the top regional desserts of the USA may require some rich delightful weekend getaways to the following five dessert towns.

1. Gooey Butter Cake In St. Louis.

The origins of gooey butter cake — a flat, dense, super-rich coffee cake loaded with more butter and powdered sugar than the most permissive Midwestern cardiologist would ever advise – go back to 1930s St. Louis. It has a sweet dough crust with a generous dusting of powdered sugar, and the ‘filling’ – which has a consistency of raw dough – is delectably sweet and gooey.

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