5 Top Cities To Visit In China


Shanghai is a magnificent city whose culture changes almost before your very eyes. The City has reshaped itself since the market restrictions have been lifted and offers a new and inspirational atmosphere. The Bund (Zhongshan Road) has remained virtually unchanged and is instantly recognized as one of the famous landmark waterfronts in Shanghai for many, many years.

2. Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China. The city has fantastic historical places of interest which are embraced in beautiful surroundings. The Forbidden City is the largest and well looked after ancient structure. There is also the beautiful Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace where the Emperor would escape from the rest of the world. One pleasant surprise was a beautiful boat made completely of marble on which the Emperor indulged himself in the stunning surroundings.

3. Xian

This ancient city Xian, is surrounded by the city wall in this area there are 4 main attractions. There is the Great Islamic Mosque, The Bell Tower, The Drum Tower and the Provincial Museum. Goose Pagoda, a fantastic example of stunning architecture and a definite must see. The temples in Xian are Buddhist and Taoism temples. If you are more of a scenic lover then the Huashan mountain is the place for you. It is one of 4 mountains in China.

4. Guilin

Guilin was a personal favorite for me, from the moment I stepped out of the airport, it was evening and everything was gloriously lit up with colorful neon lights. All of the traditional landscape Chinese paintings that I have seen must have been inspired by this idyllic place. My lasting memories are of the stunningly beautiful caves which all have secrets and which the guide was only too eager to share with me. The only more stunning thing than all of this was to be able to see it from above on a cable car.

5 Hong Kong.

Aberdeen, is one of Hong Kong Island’s main attractions. It is interesting to see the junks in which people live and fish the clear blue water. Ocean Park is like an upgrade of many Sealife centers. There is plenty for the whole family to see and do including Atoll Reef, performing animals, a roller coaster, etc.