5 Top Health And Wellness Trends When Cruising

#1 Healthy Onboard Dining Options

Cruise ship dining is often associated with 24-hour pizza stations and soft serve ice cream machines. But in recent years, many cruise lines have started offering lighter and more nutritious options to keep health-conscious passengers fueled throughout their trips.

#2 Fitness Classes

Regardless of which cruise line or ship you choose, you should be able to find a gym or an outdoor jogging track on board. But if you’re looking for something more interactive, consider signing up for a few fitness classes during your voyage.

#3 Upgraded Spas And Relaxation Areas

If soothing the mind is more your speed, consider spending some time in your ship’s spa or relaxation areas.

#4 Wellness Seminars And Enrichment Activities

Perhaps you’re looking to pick up some health and wellness tips that you can put into action after your cruise. If so, you’re in luck: Many cruise lines feature a number of seminars and hands-on enrichment activities that will send you home with valuable information.

#5 Spa- And Health-Themed Accommodations

More and more ships are introducing spa-specific staterooms for those seeking the ultimate wellness experience from the comfort of their own cabins. These rooms are typically located in close proximity to the ships’ spas, and some even offer complimentary access to select spa facilities.