5 Tricks to Help You Upgrade To A First Class Seat

These days, it’s more difficult to earn a first class seat if you don’t make a serious investment. Airlines are more interested in selling business class tickets than giving them away. Below are the tips to take in consideration when looking for a cheap flight seat upgrade.

1. Show Good Manners.

You should be polite and un-pushy with the airline staff as they are the ones who make the decisions on seat upgrades. Becoming an acquaintance with the gate agent can increase the likelihood of getting a first class seat. It would be generous of you to give gate agents a small treat such as chocolates in exchange for a seat upgrade.

2. Identify Good Times.

Business travelers prefer to travel on weekdays than on weekends. As a result, more business seats are open on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Gate agents feel less pressure in the morning. So you should arrive early to snag your seat. When you are re-booked another flight due to weather delays, there is room for negotiation if the front seats on that flight are empty.

3. Use Easy-Up Fares.

An Easy-Up fare is a last-minute reduction on a regular economy class ticket price. The technical names of an Easy-Up fares are K,Y,and Z fares. Travel agents can find Easy-Up fares for you. Airlines don’t advertise these fares heavily.

4. Stay Loyal.

By being member of an airline frequent-flier program, you receive free flights and elite status once you’ve accumulated the necessary miles. Also, you should use your earned miles before they expire. Loyalty points may not be used to pay for some low-priced tickets bought from a third-party. Read any emails you receive from the airline.

5. Purchase Points.

Avoid buying your points from sites other than the airline’s because many airlines prohibit it. When you don’t buy your point directly from the airline, you may lose your miles or be unable to used the miles purchased from a different site.