6 Shockingly Beautiful Destinations Captured On Video

#1 Zion, Yosemite

This video is absolutely breathtaking. It definitely makes me want to get out of my chair and actually visit Yosemite. What about you, will this be your next vacation spot?

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#2 Svandalsfossen Falls

This is a great capture of Svandalsfossen falls! Never thought of visiting there before, but after watching this video it’s been added to my “To Do List”. There are some destinations that you just have to visit, and this has just made my list.

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#3 New Zealand

This island is absolutely beautiful, and this video sums it up about right. It shows you some of the beautiful areas of New Zealand. This is definitely a must visit location. Don’t sleep on this one, it’s a gorgeous island.

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#4 Iceland

I’m not a fan of the cold, so Iceland is not a destination that pops into my mind. This video is extremely captivating, it shows what Iceland has to offer and gets it all done in about a minute. If you can handle the freezing temperatures there, it’s definitely a spot to visit.

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#5 Dominica

We can’t have a list of beautiful destinations without a Caribbean island being in the list. This beautiful video displays what Dominica has to offer. For views like what you’ll see in this video, be sure to add Dominica as a destination while in the Caribbean.

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