6 Of The Best Adventure Trips Captured On Video

Looking for adventure? Then you’ll love these options shown in these videos.

#1 Volcan Cosigüina in Nicaragua

Whether it is walking the trails, enjoying the natural beauty of Nicaragua, you’ll enjoy this trip. Watch the video for the amazing scenery. It’s absolutely beautiful.

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#2 Thrill Seeking Challenge

This one is not for everyone, but if you’ve ever wanted to challenge yourself, then you can try this. I’ve never been truly a fan of rock climbing, but it does appear to be very thrilling, yet dangerous.

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#3 New Zealand Adventure

If you’re ever visiting New Zealand then trying this zip line is a must! Watch the video until the very end to see what happens. Hopefully you’ll have better luck when you try it!

#4 Kayaking At Newport Beach Harbor

Fan of the water? Then this is an adventure for you. Watch as they tackle the waters in Newport Beach. It sure looks like fun, but a bit of work as well.

#5 Scuba Diving

Who doesn’t like to scuba dive? Check out this amazing footage, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Just be sure that you do the training if you’ve never done it before. As beautiful as it is, it’s also very dangerous.

#6 Falling Waters State Park

Love to hike? Then make this your next trip. Follow along as they go hiking through the State Park. Seems like it would be a fun time for the entire family. Just come prepared!