6 Travel Packing Hacks Every Girl Needs

Summer trips, holiday trips, or even last minute getaways all require packing skills. It’s tempting to throw your entire closet into your suitcase when packing. But be careful, because most airlines have weight restrictions and it can be expensive to over pack and not to mention irritating to lug around with you.

1. Don’t Fold It, Roll It.

Folding clothes is a tedious and annoying process. Folding also requires lots of space, and can be wasteful when rolling is an option. Instead of foldings, roll up t shirts and other lightweight items to save space. This can help, especially when packing for a summer trip which packs lots of lightweight thin clothing. More room for shoes!

2. Use Dryer Sheets.

Pack a couple dryer sheets in between clothing to keep clothes fresh. If traveling for a while or having limited access to laundry, this can help immensely. Leave a couple in between stacks of clothing or pack in the pockets of your suitcase for later use.

3. Pack Your Basics.

Keeping your outfits neutral will allow for outfit repurposing. Be sure to pack a couple plain t shirts and solid bottoms to allow for mixing and matching. You can also use jewelry or accessories to differentiate these outfits easily, and create lots of options with a couple basics.

4. Pack Lots Of Accessories.

This is an extension of the last point. Accessories are smaller than clothes, so packing different types of jewelry can really add to outfits and take very limited space in your suitcase. You can really get the most out of your suitcase with proper accessory usage. I recommend using a jewelry organizer to pack.

5. Keep Your Shoe Selection Small.

Choose one sneaker, one sandal, and one evening shoe. You don’t need more, trust me. Wear your sneaker on the flight and you will only have to pack 2 pairs. Shoes take up a lot of space, and often you don’t need too many pairs of shoes when traveling.

6. Baby Powder.

Baby powder is a game changer on trips. Baby powder can be used a quick dry shampoo to absorb hair grease in between showers. It can also be used to take care of chaffing in the inner thighs or underarms, which can be extremely frustrating when walking and sightseeing all day.