7 Cruising Secrets You May Not Have Known

Not everyone knows what we are going to reveal in this article. Before researching this information I was a bit clueless to these secrets or maybe just didn’t pay much attention to them as they aren’t in the fro front of your thinking, and become secondary to the excitement of going on a cruise and enjoying it. Here you will see from hidden spaces to ways to save money.

1. There’s A Morgue On Board.

It may seem macabre, but it’s required that large cruise liners have a morgue on board. The morgue will sometimes hold deceased passengers for as long as a week, until the ship arrives at a large port, and ongoing arrangements can be made. Approximately 200 people die annually on cruises.

2. There’s A Jail On Board.

Another secret is that many cruise liners will have a small onboard jail or brig. You have to do something pretty bad to be confined here but, over the years, passengers have been busted by onboard security for fighting, abusive behavior and possession of drugs.

3. Opt For No Windows.

If you really want to save some cash on your cruise, opt for an “inside room”. This means a (usually small) cabin without windows and therefore, no natural light. However, before selecting this option, consider if it’s right for you. If you’re planning to spend ample time relaxing in this space, it may be worth parting with some extra pennies for those sea views.

4. The Ship May Be On Autopilot.

While you might like to imagine that all hands are on deck for the duration of your cruise, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, for most of the journey, the cruise ship will be computer operated – the captain usually takes more of a managerial role in the bridge.

5. There Might Be A Party Below Deck.

After a long day, attentive cruise ship staff need somewhere to let their hair down – and purportedly, they do this in the staff quarters below deck. Insider sources have shared stories of cheap crew-only bars and raucous parties pumping long after passengers have retired to bed.

6. Shower In The Spa.

The ensuite bathrooms on a cruise ship are notoriously small, often lacking in adequate ventilation with a clingy shower curtain to boot. The spa facilities, however, are usually free to enter, and you’ll likely be granted indulgent products, fresh towels and robes, and plenty more room to manoeuvre.

7. You’ll Be Left Behind If You Turn Up Late.

Cruise ships run to a strict schedule, and if you don’t heed it, you could be left stranded. And unless you’re on an excursion organized by the liner, you’re fully responsible for your subsequent travel arrangements and the associated costs.