6 Ways To Find Cheap Last Minute Flights

#1 Follow Airlines On Social Media

By following the airlines you’ll be able to get access to all of their last minute deals that may not be advertised elsewhere. You can also signup for their online newsletter as most major airlines send out special deals that are exclusive to those who are on their email list. Don’t overlook this, as it can save you a lot of money.

#2 Be Flexible

If you’re flexible with your flight time, then you’ll definitely have a good shot at securing a last minute deal. By flying at times where the airline may not be fully booked, you could score a last minute deal. Your flight date and time is a big factor in price, and if you use flexible dates you’re going to find a bargain.

#3 App Notification

By using an app such as “Fareness” that is available at Fareness.com, you’ll get notified of all the best last minute deals that match your specific criteria. Simply let the program know what is your desired destination and you’ll get updates and notifications on when a hot deal becomes available.

#4 Fly Solo

It’s much easier to find a last minute deal for yourself than trying to find deals for your entire family. Many times there may be one or two seats available at a really low price. By searching for “1” person, you’re increasing the chances of finding a discounted fare.

#5 Package Deals

If you’re flying and you’ll also require a rental car or hotel accommodations then it’s best to look for a travel package deal. There are many sites that offer combo deals that will allow you to save big when combining the cost of rental car, hotel along with the flight. You can try sites such as expedia.com or orbitz.com

#6 Airport Flexibility

If you live in a city that has access to more than one major airport, it’s best to try checking for flight prices at all the available airports. This way you’re able to compare between each airport to see which one has the best deal. For example, if you’re travel to New York, you could check for flights in nearby New Jersey.