7 Destinations That Every Retiree Should Visit

There is a reason retirement exists: It is what you have been working and saving money for nearly your entire life — to travel. Here are 7 destinations that all retirees should visit:

#1: Honolulu, Hawaii

Everyone should visit Hawaii at least once. So if you have never been what is stopping you from cherishing this island paradise whether you soak up the sun on popular yet classic beaches such as Maui and Moloka’i, or lesser visited islands like Kaua’io and O’ahu.

#2: San Francisco, California

California has a lot of the trademarks of Hawaii yet at a cheaper rate and far shorter flight. Los Angeles and San Diego also deserve recognition yet the best city to visit in California for retirees is San Francisco. The exceptional climate of the bay area combined with its history and diverse culture is beyond comparison.

#3 Anchorage, Alaska

Quite the opposite of San Francisco and Honolulu, Alaska is still one of the most scenic places on the planet. The common tourism season is short and sweet, yet in this time period you can witness some of the finest scenes Mother Nature has to offer. It is a must-visit for lovers of wildlife or the outdoors.

#4: London, England

Now is the time to make that long overdue visit to Europe that maybe you have considered since your 20s. England is an exceptional place to begin and several other cities in the continent including Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin and Budapest all are within a day’s visit via train.

#5: Branson, Missouri

Where exactly is Branson? Exactly. Consider it the lesser known brother of Las Vegas perfect for those that want to catch award winning live performances, play on world-class golf courses and stroll through gigantic shopping centers. It has all the entertainment of Vegas without a lot of the noise associated with the younger crowds.

#6 Rome, Italy

Aside from London, Italy is the place to visit if you have never been to Europe. Most will start with Rome, though Venice, Madrid and Tuscany are not far away. There is so much to see and do in Italy including some of the finest food in all of the world.

#7: Charleston, South Carolina

Similar to Branson, Charleston may not appear on every traveler’s wish list though it is perfect for retirees whether you grew up in the South or have always wanted to visit it. Charleston is popular with seniors because of all its attractions, including several historic churches. It is also considered one of the most polite cities in all of America.