7 Secret Swimming Holes You’ll Want To Visit

1. Cenote Dos Ojos — Tulum, Mexico

Dos Ojos is a flooded cave system located south of Playa Del Carmen and north of Tulum, on the Caribbean coast, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The exploration of Dos Ojos began in 1986 and has never stopped since. The documented underwater extend of the cave system is at least 61 km.

Dos Ojos has remains in the top 10 longest underwater cave systems in the world. Dos Ojos contains the deepest known cave passage in Quintana Roo with 118 meters / 396 feet of depth located at The Cenote Pit.

2. Enchanted River — Hinatuan, Surigao, Philippines

The river has crystal-clear waters, such that you can see the riverbed even at the deepest part. If you look at the photos of the river you would think that they have been photoshopped but indeed this river is real. One of the most unique features of the enchanted river is its unfathomable depth. This is why many tourist swim in the shallow part of the enchanted river area with water’s shade range from aquamarine to blue.

3. Emerald Lake — Kilkis, Greece

Nature’s revitalizing power in all its glory. Wear comfortable shoes, pack some food and, after you’ve parked the car, walk downhill to see the first waterfalls through the plane trees. A bit further along you will find Smaragdenia Limni, the emerald lake which took its name from the wonderful colour of its water.

4. Havasu Falls — Grand Canyon, Arizona

Havasupai Falls Arizona is a major destination for hikers who want to visit the blue green waterfalls. Hidden in the Grand Canyon, and difficult to get reservations for, this paradise is for those who can plan ahead and enjoy hikes of 8 miles or more. The Havasupai people live near the Havasupai Falls in the Supai Village.

5. Cypress Springs — Vernon, Florida

With its strong current, lush banks and deep sapphire waters, Cypress Springs is one of the most beautiful springs in Northwest Florida. The spring discharges from two vents in the limestone boulders at the bottom of the spring pool. The diameter of the spring pool is approximately 150 feet and the maximum depth is 29 feet. A large surface boil is visible over both vents. The cool, clear water is a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The banks surrounding the pool are heavily vegetated with cypress and tupelo trees.

6. Dragonara Hole — Mellieha, Malta

Coral Cave, also known as Dragonara Cave, is a rocky hole located in the northern part of the island that tourists are able to jump inside of. It is one of the most incredible places on the island, however, it is very little known because it is difficult to reach as there is no public transport.

7. Cummins Falls — Jackson County, Tennessee

Wadding in knee deep water while crossing the stream to get to the bottom of the waterfall may be okay, as long as the water is no higher than your knee. But getting in water where most of body is immersed is dangerous. Swimming in cold water can be fatal.