Advice For Female Travelers That Will Make Them Safe

All travellers face risks overseas, but unfortunately women, whether experienced international travellers or first-timers, can face greater risks than men and be particularly vulnerable in certain countries or cultures. In this article is information to help minimise the risks females can face when travelling overseas.

1. Choose Safe Transport.

Try to arrange your transfers from the airport before you arrive. Use only officially licensed and reputable taxis. Before you arrive in any location, find out what an official taxi looks like and be wary of touts or people posing as taxi drivers. While in a taxi or car service, act as if someone is expecting you and will raise the alarm if you don’t arrive – you might like to make a phone call or mention in passing to your driver that your boss, colleague or partner is waiting for you at your destination. Avoid travelling in a train carriage where you are the only passenger. Remember that no country in the world is safe for women to hitchhike alone.

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