3 Best Museums To Visit In London

The Museum of London

You might raise many questions about the history of London as your Gatwick Airport taxi winds through the streets. Most of them could well be answered with a visit to the Museum of London. The museum hosts many permanent galleries as well as offering the chance to visit occasional exhibitions and features. The history of the city actually begins long before London ever actually appeared in any form at all. You can also learn about the Plague and the terrible effects of the Great Fire of London. All in all it’s a thrilling experience.

The Natural History Museum

If your Gatwick Airport taxi takes you along the Cromwell Road, you will pass by the Natural History Museum. This is famous for its dinosaur gallery and for Dippy the dinosaur in particular, who is in the central hall (Hintze Hall). This will be replaced by a blue whale skeleton in a couple of years, so you’ll need to visit soon to see Dippy before he is retired! The museum is divided in to various zones, each of them themed, so you can enjoy finding out about the world’s animals – both extinct and alive today – as well as the history of the earth itself.

The Science Museum

For those with a passion for science there can be no better museum to visit than this. In common with other museums it has a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions. But it is also known for its hands-on exhibits, some of which are designed with children in mind. You can see such delights as the command module from Apollo 10, and explore the role of history and science in the world of medicine. The information age is also covered, so for anyone with an interest in technology this is a great place to see.