This Is Why Getaways Are Better Than Vacations

We all live very busy lives. It seems the average person’s life gets busier and busier The getaway is the shorter cousin of the vacation- a two or three day trip that usually falls on a long weekend. The getaway is often to a place within driving distance of your home, as it would not be a good use of time or money to fly somewhere for such a short period of time. The advantages of a getaway over over an extended vacation are listed in this article.

1. More Affordable.

Getaways are cheaper than vacations, both because they are shorter (less nights) and because many hotels offer exclusive affordable vacation discounts for shorter occupancies.

2. Several A Year.

You can go on several getaways a year, instead of one or two longer vacations. This helps prevent spending a large amount of money all at once, and also allows you break up your stressful year with several memorable trips.

3. Explore Your Backyard.

Getaways expose you to fun, beautiful, and interesting destinations in your own backyard that you never knew about. Although we are often inclined to fly somewhere super exotic during our breaks, this can often be stressful and expensive. No matter where you live in the US, there is always an incredible driving-distance destination waiting for you.

4. Easy Preparation.

You can spend much less time getting ready for your getaway. We all know the experience of preparing for a long trip: packing, canceling the mail and cleaning service, getting the prescriptions and medicines, finding a kennel for the dog, etc. For your getaway, just grab the necessities and escape.

5. Gas Is Cheaper Than Flying.

Gas is cheap right now, flying isn’t. Airlines are still price-gouging us between the expensive, cramped, delayed flights and the checked bag fees they’ve recently imposed. Gas prices, however, are at a record low. This makes it the perfect time to hit the road on a getaway.

6. Peace Of Mind.

There is less pressure to relax on a getaway. Sometimes on our ‘only-vacation-of-the-year; we feel extreme amounts of pressure to relax, which isn’t very helpful for that purpose. Getaways are spur of the moment opportunities to escape and achieve some piece of mind, without the pressure.

7. Easier On Children.

Getaways are easier on kids. Sometimes leaving home for extended periods of time can be traumatic for young and adolescent children. It breaks a very set life-schedule and can often cause problems at school on return. Leaving for two or three days won’t have this same drastic effect.

8. Repeat Destinations.

You may end up someplace you’d go back to. Destinations that are within driving distance from your home can often be places that you will return to. Some families travel to the same destination every year or own timeshare at a getaway-spot that they really love. These regular trips can build fantastic memories of a home away from home. Your children may even bring their own kids there some day!

9. More Cash Flow.

Because you are spending less money on airfare and lodging, you can concentrate on what really matters: food and entertainment. You can explore the best restaurants your destination offers or check out some exciting local shows.