3 Fiji Cruises You Should Take

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon has been operating a number of Fiji cruises for more than four decades now. The company has about four schooners that are perfect for couples off to a honeymoon. Most of the itineraries include paying a visit to the islands most remote villages that have been integral in the country’s culture. The districts of Mamanuca and Yasawa are also part of the agenda as one can see a serene bay and coral cay. The most thrilling part is being able to step into the private sanctuary of Nanuyalailai where even just for a day, you can label it your very own.

Captain Cook

Captain Cook has been operating a number of Fiji cruises that are a huge favorite among individuals on a romantic getaway. Aboard the luxurious ship called Reef Escape, you and your significant other will have the opportunity to elope to two of the most popular spots in the country, Yasawa and Mamanuca. Even before you reach your destination, you will already have the chance to take pleasure in the amenities offered by the management. Your will palette will surely delight in the cuisines prepared as well as with the touch of personalized service.

Tui Tai

Tui Tai has been operating a number of Fiji cruises where you will be transported to various places that you thought only existed in your dreams. You are not only entitled to immerse in the panoramic vista set before your very eyes. There are also the amusements provided for such as enlightening interactions and fun activities with the natives themselves. As you are able to mingle with the commoners, you have the chance to know the rich culture of the country.