5 Best Beaches In St Maarten

Mullet Bay Beach

Mullet Bay Beach is haven for swimmers and beach volleyball, popular for its service beach-chair and
umbrella rentals and calm-water snorkeling.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach features a unique swimming experience. Princess Juliana’s airplanes swoosh over-head
while kids go wet-biking on the brilliant rugged rock-encased white beach. You can also visit the famous Sunset Beach Bar for the happy hour live music.

Great Bay Beach

Great Bay Beach is the harbor hub for a fabulous lifestyle with its fresh Front Street boardwalk, bars,
and shop – great for short-trip ship-cruisers.

Little Bay Beach

Little Bay Beach west of Great Bay is the snorkeler’s paradise with its beautiful shipwrecks and reefs
reflected in calm clear waters, a safe and sheltered Divi Resort and restaurant accessible with magnificent views of Philipsburg and Statia, St. Kitts and Saba islands.

Simpson Bay Beach

Simpson Bay Beach is a crescent moon like beach with a charming fishing-villa. It is a no-noise, just-the-
sea-and-you-and-me swim-stroll-and-relax getaway. Kayaks can be rented at Tri-Sport nearby, and accessible from Mary’s Boon Beach Plantation and off Airport Road.