Top 13 Things To Do In Gran Canaria

When traveling to Gran Canaria, it is important to make sure you take things slow and not try to do everything in one day. This will ensure that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful island for as long as possible. One of the main reasons to visit Gran Canaria is the diverse climate.

You can spend your time exploring modern or historic areas and witness the change of seasons throughout the year. There are also many outdoor activities you can enjoy such as hiking, biking, windsurfing, kite-surfing, diving, golfing, horse riding, and more!

Boat trips: Looking for dolphins!

Undoubtedly, one of the best things you can do while you are visiting the Canaries is enjoy a nice boat trip. But this boat trip can become unforgettable if you want to chase some dolphins!

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an unforgettable boat trip to see dolphins and other cetaceans in their environment. This is the perfect adventure for the whole family! Kids and adults can learn more about sea wildlife.

Holiday World Maspalomas Amusement park

Are you travelling with kids? Or are you a roller coasters fan? Have fun is not a matter of age… You can always enjoy a good day at the amusement park “Holiday World”. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a movie at the 6D cinema! Or enjoy typical attractions like the Ferris wheel, the pirate ship, roller coasters and bumper cars, among many other attractions.

The dunes of Maspalomas

The dunes of Maspalomas are certainly a fantastic place that you cannot miss if you are spending your holidays in the Canaries. Certainly, the best way to discover this unique place is on board of a dromedary. A ride on board of a camel is absolutely a good experience!

You will feel like a Tuareg in the middle of the Sahara, riding on a camel through the desert landscape of Maspalomas. If you don’t know where to book your hotel in Canary Island, you should consider taking a look to the fantastic deals for accommodation on this area.

Become a cowboy for a day and visit Sioux City Park.

Would you like to feel like Clint Eastwood at any of his spaghetti western? If yes, don’t miss a visit to “Sioux City Park”. This fantastic theme park will make you feel like a real cowboy! A visit to this park guarantees you an unforgettable adventure in an authentic Old West town.

This theme park offers interesting shows that recreate, with humor, some of the typical stories of the old west: bank robberies, duels, dances and other shows. The experience is 100% advisable.

Roque Nublo

Gran Canaria is a unique island with many different things to offer. One of the most popular destinations is Roque Nublo, which is a national park that contains a mountain called Roque Nublo. The mountain offers incredible views and there are some interesting hiking trails for people to attempt.

Roque Nublo is one of the most famous landmarks in Gran Canaria. This volcanic mountain is a popular tourist destination for the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. A cable car ride will take you to the top and give you unbeatable views of the island.

It’s a steep hike to get to the top, but it is worth it. The views of the island and Atlantic Ocean are spectacular. Some people like to hike up just for the view, but if you want to climb all the way up, there are plenty of great hiking routes for visitors of all levels.


Firgas (also known as Las Palmas) is a city in Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands. It has an old town center with many historic buildings. One of the most notable ones is the Church of San Francisco, which was founded in 1638. The Church of Our Lady of Mercy is another important building to visit.

One of the best things to do in Firgas is see the Giant Firgas Tree. It’s a 100-year-old tree that is over 50 meters high and has a trunk that’s almost four meters wide. The tree is popular among tourists because it spills over into two different habitats, so there are plant life from both the forest and the desert side.

In Firgas, you’ll find restaurants, shops, and other amenities that you won’t find anywhere else in Gran Canaria. The upside to this is that many of these places are cheaper than those in the south and have a more authentic Spanish feeling to them.


One of the best things to do on Gran Canaria is hike around Tejeda on foot. You can also take a cable car up to the top of the mountain, which has incredible views and a few lookout points.Paragraph: One of the best things to do in Gran Canaria is climb Mount Tejeda.

The hike takes between 3-5 hours depending on your fitness level but it’s worth it for the incredible views. There are some lookout spots where you can stop to eat lunch or just get away from the heat for a little while.

The city has many beautiful beaches including Las Salinas and Playa de las Americas. Tejeda also has a huge concentration of water sports like surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. Paragraph: Tejeda has a few ruins from the Guanches people that once ruled Gran Canaria. The ruins include El Tindaya, the Cueva del Agua, and the Cueva Estrecha.


Gàldar is a beautiful nature reserve with a rock canyon and steep cliffs. The area is also home to many different species of plants and animals. Visitors can enter the canyon by way of steps after they cross the riverbed, but take care to avoid slipping when walking on the clay ground.

It is a very pretty place with white sand and water, palm trees and lots of birds. One of the best things about Gàldar is that it has some of the best wind surfing in Europe. The people who live there are known as “Galdenses” and they mostly speak Spanish.

This little town has a population of less than 1000 people but it attracts many visitors each year due to its beautiful setting and high-quality waves for surfing. It has a popular flea market where you can find vendors selling anything from clothes to antiques.

The town holds an annual festival in honor of its patron saint, San Pedro, which offers plenty of activities for all age groups. The town also has a thirteenth century Moorish castle called Alcazaba that overlooks the ocean.


One of the best things about Gran Canaria is all of the beaches. Arucas is one of the most popular because it has a great location for beginners and experts alike. The water is perfect for all skill levels, and there’s never any seaweed in the water.

It is popular with young people because there are many bars and nightclubs. There are 3 major beaches in Arucas: El Sur, Avenida de la Playa and La Arena. The Blue Flag beach of La Arena has a seawater swimming pool that can be used all year round.

It’s located at the end of the highway GC-2 and is the main shopping center for all of central Gran Canaria. There are many stores and malls that have anything you need for your trip to Gran Canaria. Arucas has a number of amenities including hotels, restaurants, public libraries, and parks to enjoy while visiting.

Mirador del Balcón

The Mirador del Balcón is a viewpoint that’s located on the outskirts of San Miguel de Abona. The view includes the coastal landscape and the bay of Telde with its many buildings and yachts. The mirador also offers stunning views of a volcano in the distance, which is called El Guiniguada.

It’s located on a mountainous peak and offers stunning views of the whole island. The walk up to the overlook is difficult, but it’s worth it for the panoramic vistas.  It’s perched on top of a mountain with a 360 degree view of the coastline and mountains in the distance. There are two hiking trails that lead to it: one is an easy hike that takes about an hour and a half, while another is more difficult and takes about three hours.

Mirador del Balcón is a great place to visit in Gran Canaria. The view of the sea and surrounding landscape is magnificent and photo worthy. The site also has a snack bar and souvenir shop for those who want to grab some snacks or a memento from the site.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas is the hub of Gran Canaria and is a great place to start one’s exploration of the island. The city has many museums, including the Museo de la Salud, which offers a comprehensive exhibit on health in Spain. There are also plenty of cafes and bars for enjoying some tapas with an iced coffee before heading out for more adventures.

There are many historic sites to explore, such as the Cathedral, the market and the university. The city also has some beautiful beaches, like Playa de Las Teresitas which is a popular surfing spot. The area around Las Palmas is great for exploring as well. The Sierra Nevada National Park is full of scenic hikes and stunning views of the island.

It is the capital of the island and has about 220,000 residents. The city was founded in 1478. Paragraph: Las Palmas is home to many sights and activities for tourists. There are many modern shopping opportunities and great restaurants.

There are also several museums with international exhibits on display. Paragraph: Las Palmas is known as one of the best sailing destinations in the world because it has some of the best yacht marinas in Europe with over 2,300 berths available.

Caldera de Bandama

Caldera de Bandama is a small volcanic crater about 650 meters high. It is mainly a tourist attraction for hikers and those who want to see the sunrise or sunset in one of the most beautiful places in Gran Canaria. At the top of the crater, there is an open-air restaurant with a great view of El Teide and the island’s west coast. The hike from the parking area to the summit takes about 40 minutes.

It is a crater from an ancient volcano that has been turned into a lake. The scenery is breathtaking, and there are also restaurants if you want to stop for lunch or dinner.

One of the best things about visiting this area is that it’s free to enter. You can park at the parking lot near the entrance and then follow the path up the hillside. The hike to get here can be strenuous because it’s almost 500 meters in altitude, but it’s worth it when you finally arrive at the top.

Fataga Ravine

The Fataga Ravine is one of the most impressive sights in Gran Canaria. It’s a beautiful gorge that cuts through the mountains and is carved out by a river. The ravine is open to the public, so you can go hiking or exploring at your own pace. There are some great views from the path, but you’ll need to be careful – it is slippery and there’s nowhere to stop if you lose your footing.

There is a nature reserve on the island of Gran Canaria where you can find beautiful landscapes and pristine environments. One of the most remarkable zones is Fataga Ravine, located in the Las Palmas district. It’s a coastal ravine with an average slope of about six degrees. There are many more places to visit on this island so make sure to check it out!

It’s possible to visit two different parts of the ravine by foot. You can either walk up to the top or walk down to the bottom and then return by bus. The top of the ravine is a very popular tourist destination among locals and tourists alike, but it’s also the more difficult part to reach.

Final Thoughts

There are so many places to go and things to see in the Canary Islands. It would be a shame to visit only one place instead of exploring all the beautiful locations. The best time to visit is during the months of January, February, and March when the weather is still warm but not too hot or humid.